Let it Be

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I’m moving away from thinking. Not that thinking isn’t useful but, rather, that it tends to take up too much space in my brain and limits my ability to perceive. The problem with out of balance thinking is that it feeds “stories” and makes the ego stronger (I’m right and you’re wrong, or they’re wrong). We need a balance and I find balance by focusing on this moment right now–and that’s the only time I feel truly happy and sane.  

When I roll out my thinking cap out to evaluate our political situation I realize that there is nothing I or anyone can do. So the emphasis has to be on being healthy, happy and sane until such time that opportunities arise. We aren’t in a place, collectively, where political activism is of much use. I feel a kind of hush is settling on us as a society or maybe it’s just summer. But I’ve felt this for some time.

It is pretty obvious that there are no social mechanisms that will fundamentally change anything or solve problems that appear to be pressing. Not only that but there seems little interest either in the American people as a whole or the progressive/left forces to really move towards real change. We here are kind of on the fringes of political thinking and we need to be in this for the long haul because no change is indicated.

In the meantime we need to relax, breathe, work out, stay sharp, be present, do those practices that keep us whole. For me that means just practicing being in this moment at all times because it is always this moment and it is where I want to live and it is out of this that effective action can be taken when the time is right. I learned this, way back when in Aikido class but did not understand it very well until recently.

I think this focus on the present moment does bring us closer to the essence of life and all life forms. It brings a feeling of joy and love that comes spontaneously when we realize that our little lives and elaborate stories are really like candles in the sun. What we lack, as a culture, is a sense of connection to each other and the whole fabric of creation. This is why we lack compassion in our collective life and even personal life. And I think what we talk about here is a compassionate politics. This compassionate politics can only be strong if it is based on a direct experience of this connectedness and this only happens when we are present to this moment and not thinking about this moment or about our lives or our problems and concerns. Paradoxically, I honestly believe just letting things be in the sense I described may be our most powerful political act. Pure being in other words, like Faith (which is actually the same thing) can move mountains.

Om Shanti.


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    • Edger on July 14, 2010 at 00:29

    • Xanthe on July 14, 2010 at 13:47

    This isn’t the season to mellow out.

    I wish it were.  I wish I lived on the Planet Cloud but I don’t.

  1. Romeo and Juliet woulda had texting capabilities…?


    Ive been AWOL-ish for a few weeks, but trying to pop back in today, I just keep getting interrupted. Sorry.

    I seem to feel most on similiar wavelengths with you, banger, and a few others.

    I dont know if its summer or what. Myself, Ive been oscillating between the mundane and the sublime, with very little in between, for the past month or so.

    After a looong period of not taking/making time to read books, Ive read three in the past few weeks that are truly an odd but accidental grouping. One is the one I mentioned before … Hidden Teachings of Jesus, wherein the guy proposes that JC was a revolutionary basically, and gobs more interesting stuff in it. Then The Chronicles of Tao (fiction), rec’d by our own budhydharma some while back. Last, a fairly entertaining fictional piece by Tim Powers’ Three Days To Never.

    What a bizarre assortment!! lol

    So, my apologies for the remark re Romeo & Juliet, a total nonsequiter of course, but it makes sense in my own head, really. ha ! I mean, here we are now, with all this technology and communication abilities, globally, and…. what. We still cant get out shit together. They euthanize Canadian geese in NYC because of their inconvenience. And…. “The Left” or any other way you might decide to categorize people in general who are or would be or should be appalled beyond comprehension, are still twiddling our thumbs.

  2. or picking berries with my grandkids, rather than all the activist environmental stuff I’ve been doing lately, including some litigation, here’s what I just wrote in comments to the RFK video in Free Society’s essay Where’s the Outrage? here:

    Right now my husband and I have a $430 credit with TVA for electricity from our solar panels.  The decision to expend a lot of money for the installation was hard, but seeing those credits mount up and knowing we’re producing more electricity than we’re using has been one of the most self-empowering things I’ve ever done.  And I’ve initiated and carried out lot’s of federal court civil rights class actions and environmental law citizen suits, which sometimes have had great results.  But this is an individual thing.  Every home/business in America could be its own electricity producer/seller.  If we just had governmental policy incentives in place to make it happen.

    So I think actually DOING alternative energy – or if you can’t afford it – doing an alternative lifestyle is what we can do – to, as you wrote earlier:

    regroup and strengthen ourselves

    It’s very hard to be alive today–I suggest merely that we regroup and strengthen ourselves because there is no movement happening right now–it might in as much as a few months depending on where the next shoe drops, if any, in the financial crisis. But nothing much might happen in the meantime–the markets are rigged I think to stay within bounds so I don’t thing much will happen–control is tight the oligarchs know how to rule and they’ve completely convinced their subjects that they are free. Fortunately for them “the people” are happy as long as their prisons cells have cable.

    I don’t see what can be done–I see no movement here or anywhere to actually do anything.

    A movement for clean renewable energy – everywhere – seems to me to be our best hope to save us  – and the planet.  And worth doing  – or trying to do.


  3. I’m moving away from thinking.

    We’re getting ready for a new session at the adult education center where I work. I’m running in automatic mode, crossing all my t’s and dotting all my i’s. Thinking? Whazzat? Ain’t I s’posed to be teaching something like that? Can I go home soon? AIEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee………….  🙂

    I know, that’s not what your essay was about, and I’m not trying to insult you on an interesting and thought-provoking (really!) piece. So don’t be insulted, OK? A good chunk of what actually gets into our brains depends on our moods, and I guess I’m in a silly mood. Or something like that. That first line made me laugh at myself – always a good thing.

    Bottom line: Your essay’s good. My comment’s stupid. I hope you know what I meant, though.

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