Gucci Cadillac LiLo

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Why would a swarm of paparazzi follow this guy…

Mark Ronson Gucci sneaker

…who never wears sneakers, and never “designed” anything except a line of $1400 sneakers for Gucci?

Because he still occasionally dates this model…

Daisy Lowe

…who headlined Fashion Week for the designer of these clothes…


…whose sister owns this dog (his name is Cadillac)…


…and that boot belongs to…

Jeff Vespa

Lindsay Lohan, who is just about the least grotesque person in the world she inhabits.


  1. And how could I forget Mick Jones, whose stepson designed those Gucci sneakers?

    • RUKind on July 22, 2010 at 5:13 am

    I don’t know how many bullets that would buy. I stopped snorting when LiLo started breathing (coincidence?) but that would have bought a Z of extremely pure ether-finished Bolivian flake. LiLo has never had anything except kerosene finished blow in her lifetime.

    Life sucks and then you do 90. The change may do her good. First though, she’s going to have to ditch that entire entourage. Or die.

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