Dillon: Is Foreign Govt. Stopping + Detaining us from looking at our own Country ?!

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Is a Foreign Government Interfering with OUR OWN CITIZENS on our own soil?!

Or is this a Dispersant Cover Up story ?  WDSU channel 6 News/  Fired BP Contractor talks to  Adam Dillon 7/11/10

Scott Walker of WDSU News: ” During our visit to a Grand Isle beach in June (on the 11th) to see clean up workers, a WDSU photographer and I  blocked from getting with in a hundred yards of them.   (This was the infamous Talon security people who are threatening journalists, bloggers, and regular folk down in the Gulf )

Adam Dillon, who was fired from BP, was a cleanup contractor from North Carolina, now talks to WDSU.com. ”

video here:   http://www.wdsu.com/video/2420…


Adam Dillon

Adam Dillon, fired by BP, now a whistleblower

more video transcript:

Dillon:  …. after the way BP treated me, I am telling you now, you deserved an answer.

Scott Walker of WDSU News:  Shortly after our beach run in, Dillon was promoted.   Now he says he was fired because he was seen as a threat to his superiors.

Dillon:  I Became a liability to their operation up there because of the info I found out

News:  Does BP have anything to hide ?  Something other than the cleanup effort going on here ?

Dillon:  I saw something when I was out there. I took pictures of something. I  brought it to the attention of the command structure.  And,  Whatever I took pictures of, 12 hours later, I was gone.

News: he believes those photos showed equations related to the used of dispersants used on the oil in the Gulf.  While Dillon has harsh words for those in charge and questions,   he is just as quick to credit the thousands of workers who are working hard to clean up our shores.

Dillon:  At the command center, I worked with some really great people. I worked w/ some great hardworking individuals in there. but the bottom line it’s just about the money.   There are some very cutthroat individuals in there they are not worried about cleaning up the spill, as is.

News:  this former special ops soldier says lost all faith in BP

Dillon:  I will never have loyalty to  this company. (BP)  I will always have loyalty to my country and my country comes first.  What this company is doing to my country is wrong.

News:  No comment from BP,  Will attempt to reach out to those in charge.   More coming Monday in my interview with Dillon, where he tells me, He was confined and interrogated almost an hour.

This is an excerpt of the last part of the video

Adam Dillon, quote:   “What this company is doing to my country is wrong.”

The original standoff:

BP blocking media access?  New Orleans interview WDSU


The government and BP dodge the issue of free speech and accountability by making excuses for thugs.

As was pointed out last month, BP has been using anonymous private security firms to tell reporters that they can’t gain access to a PUBLIC area.  http://news.yahoo.com/s/ynews/…

Scott Walker, earlier, trying to get access to oil spill cleanup workers.  The security people who stop him won’t tell him who they’re working for.   Walker tells them that Doug Suttles of BP says it is okay to interview workers.  They don’t care.

Security:  I’ve been briefed. You can’t go there.

Walker:  Who is briefing you?

Security:  That’s not important right now.

Sir, you CANNOT interview the workers.

A Yahoo! Search of companies named Talon Security yielded several firms under that name. Yahoo! News contacted many of them, but none has confirmed that it is providing security services for BP in south Louisiana.

…. reporter Bigad Shaban of CBS affiliate WWL in New Orleans accompanied US Sen David Vitter (R-LA.) on a tour of spill affected areas Monday.  They stopped off at Ft Jackson Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Buras LA, but were denied entry. ….  According to Shaban, Vitter commented, “I’m no wildlife expert, but that’s BS,”

BP Spokesman Mark Proegler told us that “there have been restrictions placed on photography in the wildlife area because we’ve been told that it could do harm” to the animals.  When asked about the incident involving Talon Security in Grand Isle, Proegler said, “We are not trying to prevent media access in any area, but we’ve heard about some incidents and we’ve gone back and shared our stance on this with Talon.” Proegler also said “we can’t force our contractors to work with media if they chose not to.”  

Could “Talon Security”  actually be QinetiQ,  (kinetic) the giant British government security and defense offshoot of DERA ?   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q…    In 2003, the Carlyle Group bought a third of a share in the company.

Former CIA Director George Tenet served on their board from 2006 to 2008.


QinetiQ is an international defence and security technology company that provides technology-based products and services to government and commercial customers. More than 2,000 of QinetiQ’s Talon robots have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan most of which are being used to locate and remotely disable roadside bombs. QinetiQ’s SPO stand-off threat detection system has been sold to the US Transportation Security Administration for use at American railway stations and airports.

QinetiQ has a 25-year agreement with the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to provide test and evaluation services and manage military ranges.  QinetiQ also has a 15-year agreement with the MoD under the Maritime Strategic Facilities Agreement (MSCA) to provide strategic maritime facilities and capabilities, including hydromechanic facilities at Haslar, biomedical facilities on the UK’s South Coast, and submarine structures, survivability and shock testing facilities at Rosyth.

If this “Talon Security” is really QinetiQ, we have a Foreign Government using their own private contractors in denying our American citizens on our own soil,  the right to be able to walk freely around in our own country, because they don’t want us to be able to see how they ruined it !   With the graces of our own government !

This is beyond outrageous.  

“can’t force our contractors….”  what utter bunk.  You have a contract and they either work for you or you’re faking it and they’re working for the British government.

On Monday evening, Scott Walker of WDSU delayed showing part 2 of Adam Dillon’s story.  http://scottwalkertv.com/2010/…

The HuffPo is reporting now that Adm. Thad Allen is lifting the media restricted access  as long as the media obtains “credentials.”   Before that, going within 65 feet of boom was worth a $40,000 fine and up to 4 years in jail.

But is this going to be for bloggers or just the celebrity cable journalists?

This blogger from LA Progressive, Georgianne Nienaber,  said spread her words, picture, and story on being hassled just for trying to report on the oil spill in Barataria Bay.


…. never in my lifetime could I imagine that a foreign country could dictate my ability to move freely and openly in American territorial waters.

Already we have been challenged by the private security firm, Talon, on the oiled beaches of Grande Isle, and hassled by the Coast Guard and Louisiana Wildlife officials for not wearing flotation devices when it was not necessary. The law was on our side then, now the law is being used to limit free speech.

No one is maintaining the boom in Barataria Bay. Boom must be anchored, cleaned, and replaced. This is not happening, and the Coast Guard, which reports directly to President Obama, does not want you to see this.

Why aren’t boom maintenance laws enforced ? Instead, reporters now become felons for showing the American public the utter mess the Coast Guard, federal officials, and BP have created in our once beautiful waterways.


The change in media access rules came the day after WDSU aired former BP employee Adam Dillon’s statement. While employed by BP on Grand Isle, Dillon barred WDSU news reporter Scott Walker from access to the beach, and later turned whistleblower. Over 300,000 people have viewed that video on YouTube.

BUT-  Who or what is “Talon?”  


  1. …. and if it is really QinetiQ and they’ve been jacking around playing BP’s New World Order down there in the Bayou, there is going to be hell to pay.

    I’ve read many, many stories of people getting hassled.  

    • banger on July 14, 2010 at 21:40

    as we march steadily on to the neo-feudal order that has been planned for us.

    Just want to clear up a few things–there is no such thing as a “foreign” government because governments in the traditional sense don’t exist. We have an imperial order that has very little to do with nation-states. This order is ruled by an oligarchy/aristocracy that acts in a very efficient and decentralized manner–a web of cooperation agreements, if you like.

    A big corporation trumps any nation state–it has non-state actors to assert its needs and power. “Intelligence”, for example, has moved from official governments into private forces that operate independently. Military forces will increasingly be private in the future though the MSM will pretend they don’t exist.

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