Back When I Was Better

My annual Maine spiritual retreat this year has failed.

In addition to this personal life changing events will most definitely curtail participation on all of my usual blogging places.  I will miss this but I am in the fight of my lifetime.…

I have been told all will work out yet I know it is not so.  Just as I see the evil in the pictures of Leo Strauss and the other pontiffs our degenerate society elevates to the top tiers of influence and status.

I want to check out, be done with it.  Yes, people have been, can be excellent, kind compassionate and caring but these people are only the closest to me. I dare not even give details for such things might identify myself in this great surveillance network of wordpress blogosphere.

The wife tells me I can dispense with all themes “Illuminati” and finally I agree.  I need not even mention it as ex-government personalities are coming out  professing the very same mantra.  The fake swine flu, the bailout that wasn’t and a peace prize for continuity of Bush’s fake wars and the creation of the tazer me bro Homeboy Stupidity Society.  Cockroaches of the universe is my thought.  I look at “my fellow citizens” and try and channel, spiritually, psychically the orientation in their hearts.  Sometimes I get the Lindsey Lohan channel but still see some decency even in that.  How can I hold that against a soul.

It is true that things could be much worse.  I could be in Haiti, Burma, the Congo or many other desperate world places but still why is this country with it’s once great promise of freedom and equality for all is being deliberately deconstructed in favor of totalitarian techno capitalist billionare fascism.  All of the dystopian sci-fi movies combined, and it need not be.  We should be far better than that.

Good luck, Godspeed and farwell for now.  One life changing event is enough for most people and I am now involved in several at the same time.  I am spent, done with it and most distressful for me, not giving a rat’s ass about most of the human race and our status as cockroaches of the universe.


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    • jamess on July 19, 2010 at 05:29

    I hope you find one of elusive paths

    to inner contentment.

    Someone once told me,

    the Only Person we can really change in this life,

    is ourself.

    Been working on that one, ever since.

    Peace and godspeed to you, LHM.

    Trust in the Universe,

    when all else fails.


  1. You don’t sound okay.

    I found this some where on the innerwebs, not sure where, but it sums it all up for me:

    The Earth is ancient far beyond the understanding of most people. There have been giant continents,  populated repeatedly with immense herds of large animals, innumerable deadly carnivores, forests stretching thousands upon thousands of miles, and deserts that today would encompass whole, and large, continents.

    The Earth has also had many climates. It has been a hot, blasted wasteland, and it has been a frozen ball where once nearly the entire planet was covered in thousands of feet of blue ice.

    It has been a garden with forests and seas stretching around the globe, a place where unknown millions of forms of life have arisen, lived for eon after eon after eon, and then perished. Many left no trace. Over that gulf of time, the Earth has been many things, and it has been each of those many things for millions and millions of years at a time.

    We humans will become extinct. It is an absolute certainty, and there is not even the least shred of doubt about it. In the long run, we’re all extinct.

    The only question is whether it will happen sooner because we let the corporations push us into extinction through greed, or later because we regain control of our lives.

    Peace, Brother…

  2. I know about cockroaches too, but I don’t much socialize with them. I have a good friend: Many years ago he lost his job, his wife and his son within a very short period of time. Took a while, but he can laugh again. Best Luck LHM. Hope to hear from you in the not too distant future.

  3. …. and if you got dissed by Princess Nyookie, you are definitely alright in my book.

    • RiaD on July 20, 2010 at 16:09

    please don’t go forever….

    do come back now & again.

    let us know you’re alive, okay?

  4. I have thought of you so often after our many exchanges at My Left Wing.

    As you speak truth to deaf ears you were so true to your message.  As things you speak come to pass I am with you on the journey, a fellow traveler with horror filled eyes and a broken heart.

    I am sorry and weep with you.  You did a good job of this….

    I look at “my fellow citizens” and try and channel, spiritually, psychically the orientation in their hearts.

    and I thank you for all your efforts, forever kind and respectful, I hope you stay with us, as you are not alone and I hear you.

    I hear you……

  5. I know you will be back. I love your inconsistency, your strange truthfulness. I do not dismiss you as a CT nut but love your really sane over view as all things seem to be possible in days like this. I know personal lives are a pain in the butt these days but trust that you will as always get a grip of the interconnectedness that pervades all our lives and be back soon. I too have ceased to find much connection with the politics at hand and reality and reality as hard as it is to take and live with in this cruel and nasty regime or empire is sometimes better then dealing in negatives with no end in sight and no way to stop the truly surreal dialog that doesn’t eve n deal with anyones real life. Hows that that for a run on sentence, heh? See you around the inkwell and happy trails on your next ride as the last horseman.    

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