WTF on that General thingy.

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So in record breaking time, exposed themselves as incredible partisan hacks as they have scrubbed the BeTrayUs ad off their website.

Remember this?…

Yeah, that was the flavor!

So basically, the corpocrats have convinced their fanatical followers that:




And while we are on the subject of awesomeness, to reaffirm civilian control of the military, which is why mcchrystal got walked, we put the dude who lied to the civilian congress about the war in charge?

Really? AWESOME!

The best part is to watch all the minions of the corpocrats cheer this move like they were Bushities of 2005.

If Bush had done this, there would have been a chorus of boos and a never ending stream of strongly worded letters.

Now Obama is doing the exact same thing, it is the way forward!


The only who has gained anything out of this, because it definitely isn’t the troops in Afghanistan, it is Kagan.

Now her confirmation hearings will pass by the media like a ship in the night.

Not saying Obama would swap a general for a judge, but you damn sure know Rahm would.

Because the Rolling Stone article has been out on the ethers for weeks now, why did they pull the trigger on the planned meta outrage this week?

And why are pwoggressives and corpocrats cheering the failed Bush policies of four years ago?

Oh yeah, their wrestler has the championship belt now, I keep forgetting.  


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  1. Noticed that, didja?

    • melvin on June 24, 2010 at 20:29

    this a.m. to calm the waters I guess. Mullen launched into a minilecture on the importance of the military respecting civilian authority. The fact that he finds it necessary to do so should scare the hell out of us.

    I am reminded, btw, of hundreds of commenters on the blogs demanding that “the generals” defy Bush and set policy on their own. This kind of ignorance is by no means a monopoly of the right.

    • Edger on June 24, 2010 at 20:30

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