The Missing Tree in My Backyard.

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Beyond a deck lies one of the few green patches in my cube of Brooklyn backyards. Most backyards had been done over in cement, turned into nice patios mind you, some full on stone, but no grass.

There were various attempts at gardens in a select few, but the last of the lawns was just below my deck.

First floor got the lawn, I got the deck. Each party was happy. I was more than happy to take on the task of maintaining the deck since I knew a deck repair service that was local to me. In the corner of said lawn was a mighty oak, full of bird and squirrel activity.

It took regular maintenance of a company like Trez R Us, who offer Roanoke tree trimming services, to keep it maintained and healthy. But it was the green lung of the collective backyards and offered shady a-go-go and was the toast of the block.

Then one day, the mighty oak was just gone.

They even took the stump.

Like they drug a body out back.

And shot it.


The birds still drop by, on top of the spider’s web of cabling, entangling some rather janky utility poles littered across our yards.

That is why the mighty oak was killed.

To save this precious cabling.

Precious, precious cabling.

Didn’t even give trimming the branches a whirl, the most obvious solution. I would have at least tried to get in touch with different tree care services to see if it was possible to work around the tree and only rid the necessary parts, but whoever actually proceeded with the job, took it all.


We never even got to say goodbye.

I hope the squirrels were able to pull some Secret of Nimh maneuvers and got the hell out of dodge.

Poor mighty oak, just gone.


Why was the fate of this tree differed to the corporations who BPed their cabling all over the place, all haphazard like? Because they couldn’t keep their house in order, the mighty oak had to die?

That ain’t right.


It goes to the very core of where the wheels fell off the wagon. Because in case you haven’t noticed, the ride has gotten rather bumpy lately. The bumps in the road are courtesy corporations using government to regulate the people.

Face it; almost all basic decisions are made in deference to corporations over that of the citizens of the republic. Corporations > We, The People. Read it and weep.

From disallowing free press in the Gulf to deference in funds in the stimulus plans to lack of basic healthcare for citizens who do exist right down to the very basic things in everyday life, the game rigged in favor of corporations.

Why does something that only exists on paper sway such power over the citizens of America, who are in fact, quite real?

If these corporations are trying to draw sovereignty out pieces of paper, we already got that covered; it’s called the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

And I don’t remember seeing shit about corporations in either document.


So why do corporations have the power to do some awe inspiring fucked up shit in the name of the dollar, usually at the expense of the citizens, also known as the taxpayers?

Like cutting down the lone oak tree in backyard spaces to save the precious, precious cabling? Who does that?

If we are to save the environment, from now on, the tree wins. Every tree counts, especially in urban areas.

The shareholders of corporation stock be damned.


During the early part of the afternoon, on a weekday, when everyone was at work, so there would no witnesses, they arrived.

In broad daylight, they did the mighty oak in the name of corporate incompetence.

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  1. There once was a very old coastal pine in my front yard. One day while I was out of town a few years ago there was a wind storm and a branch dropped, blocking the driveway of the complex. Landlord cut down the tree and augered the roots. I’m so sad that I wasn’t home, I could have moved the branch and saved the tree, home to quite a few birds and scratching post to the neighborhood cats.

    I came home to a few chords of wood piled on the side of my place and the tree was gone.

    I have a few sections of the trunk, counted more than 80 rings before my eyes couldn’t do it, with a couple inches to go. So sad, 100 year old tree turned to firewood (where most of it went) because it was annoying.

    Don’t know what else to tell you except I empathize.  

    • Edger on June 16, 2010 at 14:44

    sway such power over the citizens of America, who are in fact, quite real?

    Because money is real-er, and peasants do nothing but eat, complain, make more peasants, and buy garbage? They are a renewable resource?

    • RiaD on June 16, 2010 at 19:10

    yes. exactly.

    The shareholders of corporation stock be damned.

  2. to live in an American city.

    And for what?

    900 channels of behavior mod propaganda.

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