Sunday musings

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And here’s a little bit of Sunday Science for you… New Theory for Life’s First Energy Source.

Aiming to take Kid to a Quaker Meeting this morning, part of our Summer Tour program. Back later.


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  2. well that was nice.

    Who knew….? my first Major Battle with my child in teenagerhood would be over her wanting to go to “her” (Baptist) Church? and me … sigh…. I know, edger tried to tell me!!! (last summer!!!)

    anyway, Friends thing was nice, I was amused at the bumper stickers in the lot…. “God Bless Everyone, No Exceptions”. heh.

    Kid’s FB status two hours ago:

    bleh going to a church place with my mom… O.o meehh i want to go to my church… 🙁

    Kid’s FB status twenty minits ago:

    at the church place i went to, i saw Mr.C… scary…(hes the band director at HSPVA where im going to band camp)

    Now she’s begging me to let her go tonight to Youth Somethin Indoctrination Something Group.

    me: “NO!”

    ya see…. there’s this boy… ughghgh


  3. band, but only the frontman was ever remembered.  They were short lived, but Sumter still goes.

    Warmest regards,


  4. was not a huge hit, but included some pleasant dissonances.

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