Sen Nelson: The Well Bore And Casing May Be Blown

Huge and very bad if true.

Oil and gas are leaking from the seabed surrounding the BP Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico, Senator Bill Nelson of Florida told Andrea Mitchell today on MSNBC. Nelson, one of the most informed and diligent Congressmen on the BP gulf oil spill issue, has received reports of leaks in the well, located in the Mississippi Canyon sector. This is potentially huge and devastating news.

If Nelson is correct in that assertion, and he is smart enough to not make such assertions lightly, so I think they must be taken at face value, it means the well casing and well bore are compromised and the gig is up on containment pending a completely effective attempt to seal the well from the bottom via successful “relief wells”. In fact, I have confirmed with Senator Nelson’s office that they are fully aware of the breaking news and significance of what the Senator said to Andrea Mitchell.



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  1. hints that this may be the case–especially when BP said about rupture disks or other loss of pressure causing the top kill failure, which added up to a big leak ‘downhole’ .

    I sure hope I’m not right, Nelson’s not right, and Simmons isn’t right.  I’d be very very glad to be wrong.  

  2. with the press, all things considered, Even after lying 4 times, they have convinced many that the cervical cap is a major step forward.

    However: the Obama admin, esp. via the press sec (who now admits they don’t trust BPs spill figures) and Thad Moron from the CG (who after all this time of saying all was going great, today says that it will take years) has just had a major change of tone against BP in the last day–they know the real shit hasn’t hit the fan, and that it soon will.  

    They now want BP standing in front and alone.

    Thieves turning each other in.

  3. Looks so happy that he has ‘inside information’–what a special guy.

    • banger on June 8, 2010 at 4:31 am

    This situation has me speechless–It’s hard to write anything more about it.

    Does anyone know how the scientific community is reacting?

    This is a crisis that demands the involvement of the world. I don’t understand why there is so little global concern on this.  

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