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Some adverts are funny and welcome.  The classic Where’s the Beef? one is wonderful.  So was Speedy Relief from Alka-Seltzer, recently renewed.  There are lots a good ones, but there are many more bad ones.

The ones that TBS and Fox run are often poor, but not always always offensive.  I have found an offensive series.  It is from Kraft foods, and is the epitome of the stupid father and the snotty nosed child.

The first one that I saw had to do with a boy, around seven or so, having to had to go to time out because of his conduct at dinner.  To hear him tell it, his father just wanted to eat the son’s Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (yuk!!! by the way, there are few things worse than this concoction), so the father sent him to the stairs whilst the father proceeded to eat the junk from the son’s plate.  Then the son comes down and pretty much shames the father about eating the swill without the son being there.  “Have you had enough?”, the bully son says.  The dad looks sort of blank.

The newer, and more repulsive one, has the dad “cooking” the concoction.  For the record, one does not have to cook Kraft macaroni and cheese.  Except for hydrating the pasta, there is no cooking to it.  You just boil the pasta for a few minutes, then stir in the highly processed powders that are supposed to be a sauce and some real cheese, but neither are really sauce nor cheese, but very highly processed substitutes.

Of course the father is corrupt, and eats it as it gets done.  I hope that he survives.  The “little girl” allows that she is watching him “like a hawk” and even points to her eye.  Then she appears next to him, whilst he is still swallowing the swill, and says, “Dad, you are embarrassing yourself.”

These adverts are offensive in many respects.  First, the kids call out their parents for eating.  Second, they put the parents in a a position that makes them appear that they are stealing from the children.  I wonder how may packs of swill that the kids can buy?  Third, it encourages everyone to buy a very unhealthful product.

Well, those two just caught my eye.  Do you have others?

By the way, Screaming Lord Sutch will be here for Popular Culture (Music) tomorrow.  I hope that you can visit.

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