Atty Gen Holder: Shooting of Mexican Teen “Extremely Regrettable”

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A cell phone video taken by a bystander through a chain link fence may have changed the impetus of the investigation of the Border Patrol shooting death of 15 year old Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereka Monday, on the border between El Paso Texas and Cuidad Juarez Mexico.

Attorney General Eric Holder today called the shooting of the teenager “extremely regrettable.”  The FBI is now investigating the death.

The video is shocking after hearing what the “official” version was.   It may be seen here.  Watch the Univision version first from Primer Impacto, because the video quality is a lot better.  The CNN version is darker, shorter, and has been edited.…

HuffPo, earlier today 6/10/10…

The video shows 4 people running from the U.S. side underneath a railroad bridge linking the two nations. A U.S. border agent then emerges on his bicycle and manages to detain one of the individuals, who he then drags along the concrete. The agent then lifts his arm, holding what appears to be a firearm, and points it toward the Mexico side in the direction of one of the other suspects. A few moments later, 2 shots are heard being fired toward the Mexican side. A third shot is heard later in the video.

per the FBI

“This agent, who had the second subject detained on the ground, gave verbal commands to the remaining subjects to stop and retreat. However, the subjects surrounded the agent and continued to throw rocks at him. The agent then fired his service weapon several times, striking one subject who later died.”  

The body of the boy who was shot was found about 20 feet from the border on the Mexican side, according to Arturo Sandoval, a spokesman for the Chihuahua state attorney general’s office. Sandoval also said Mexican authorities believe the fatal shot was fired from close range, which would suggest that the U.S. agent may have crossed the border in order to shoot the boy.

The video shows that somebody in a uniform has snagged one of these kids running away from him and is dragging him along, as he lifts his arm, has his arm up for several slow seconds taking aim, and shoots towards somebody else, who is running away from him and out of the camera focus-  this kid is nowhere near the cop when he fires.  The images posted in the American media showed something similar to this-  the deceased body laying on the ground, graffiti on the concrete pillars, surrounded by law enforcement with rifles, which gives the impression that this was some sort of ferocious gun battle as the “illegal immigrant” pelted them with rocks. Look at all the people it took to bring him down.


You can see he doesn’t look that big here.  Teenaged Sergio Adrian Hernandez Guerica lays dead on the Mexican side of the border after being shot by the Border Patrol 6/7/10 Monday.   photo, detail from Primo Impacto video  

Doesn’t look much like an illegal border crossing, does look like teenagers are not allowed to be stupid in the summertime, because it can be fatal in an election year, when our extremist right wing politics crossed with a bad recession and Libertarian neo- nativism,   demands that we shut down the border to casual crossing.

Is the new Tea Party hybrid Libertarianism as espoused by the Gov. Jan Brewer crowd  “let them shoot freely ?”


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  3. Where is the report of arrests in connection with this murder?

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