Open Tangerine



  1. I remembered it after reading “Stop BP and big money from buying Congress – take action for public campaign financing.”

    Fix Congress First is so true because they will never fix anything until we do. I’ll never forget the speech Lawrence Lessig made at Netroots Nation nor will I forget the realization that everything else is bullshit until we fix that.

    Durbin: “If you even knew how much time we spend raising money…”

  2. Another way that a student is able to receive the student aid that they need to go to college is through scholarships.  Those students that receive scholarships most commonly say that they receive these scholarships automatically through the college that they attend.  This is usually do to merit that they have earned in regards to their high school academic or sports records.  There are others that obtain scholarships that they have applied to.  Most scholarships have a particular focus as to who qualifies; however, there are many scholarships out there.  There is a scholarship out there to reflect every background and every academic focus.  Most times, applying for a scholarship is a matter of writing an essay, and/or submitting some type of proof that you meet the general qualifications.

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