On Loathing Windows 7

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Why net neutrality is already decided.

What, because Microshaft is insecure I have to make my own backup disks before exploring a brand new laptop?

The wife wants me to copy a movie.  No I don’t sell them but the grandkids love to drag them across the floor.

Why is there oil in the gulf?  Why are there two ongoing illicit wars?  Why does law itself no longer mean anything at all?


The Satanic business practices pioneered by Microsoft became an IT industry standard thus enslaving mankind.

 Can’t recall how many years ago I said that but it was several.  In desperation of becoming computerless I actually broke down and bought a replacement laptop after frying several of my older XP and win98 machines.  I have discovered several themes new to me which might spell the death of Microsoft(yeah!) but leave it to me, Lasthorseman to show you the Darth Vader concept of it all.

The Computing Sucks Index

1. You don’t get restore disks anymore

2. It wants me to put my name in it (Bite Me)

3. It wants me to immediately connect to the internet and get viruses.

4. For an extra 300 bucks the dumbed down generation will promise to try and fix it, maybe, sort of(while you wait,days maybe).

5. When said Facebook generation retail salesman has to offer the “PC decrapifying service that should say it.

Ok so in all of this you might be saying why is this the mark of the evil Satanic corporate beast.  Well they have made a quantum leap here.  I don’t mean just Microshit but the entire IT empire which evolves around it.  Recall all those shareware nifty little programs which got you out of many a jam?  Long gone, are they not.  Yes, you might be able to find some good ones but they all come with a credit card attached now, ahead of resolving your problem of course.

The real industry goal though is a back to one-way old style “communications” in which retarded devices such as the I whatever point you to “news” from lamesteam places.  Hoping that will keep the masses dumbed down and pacified.

I have already seen the younger Facebook set drooling mindlessly while talking about these new phone “apps”.  Plus every seems to have neglected this 32 vs 64 bit all of your “older” apps don’t work anymore prompting what.  Buy it again?  OK, maybe a couple of new things are neat but the old stuff worked fine, was less complicated too if you can do without blinking animated fonts.

Yup,zero order species.  More as the Satanic business practices unfold during the inital attempt to create backup discs and gain confidence enough to ensure that the scum in the IT industry are not ripping me off once again.

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  1. Not that it’s any better from a privacy standpoint, but it has the virtue of being free.

    But aren’t you like our Dale Gribble?  Why so rational all of a sudden?

    If you care about your privacy at all you run Ubuntu or another Linux variant.

    If you care about your computer working reliably for up to 6 hours at a time without re-bootimg, you can run XP if you’re unwilling to learn a new OS.

    Other than that you’re pretty screwed.

  2. and XP. Lots of Open Source out there and they don’t ask for your name or money. Well, you can contribute! They won’t kill your first born if you do. Just sayin’.

  3. and scads of ‘alternative’ OSs, apps, utilities and ‘security’.  Personally other than at work I’ve got a virtual box running so I can learn BSD and instances of Slackware, Open Solaris and Brown (ubuntu) running all for free.  

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