Gulf Oil Could Leak For Years

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Well known CUNY Physics Professor Michio Kaku appeared on NBC’s Today Show with some disturbing comments.

RawStory reports:

After six methods for stopping the [Deepwater Horizon] leak failed, BP is now trying a seventh method: “cut and cap.”


If this seventh attempt fails, the next option will be to wait on one of two relief wells to intercept and block the original well. This is considered the best hope for permanently stopping the flow, but those wells won’t be in place until August at the soonest. Some predict that it could take until Christmas.

But Kaku thinks that even those predictions could be too optimistic.

“You would have to win the lottery to get on the first try an exact, an exact meeting at the bottom of the well in order to pump cement to shut it off,” Kaku told NBC’s Matt Lauer Wednesday.

If the attempt fails, the drill will be reversed, the hole will be filled with cement and they will try again.

“You have to do this over and over again until you get it just right,” Kaku said. “It takes many tries. So August is optimistic.”

“So this could be spewing oil for months. Could it last for a year?” asked Lauer.

“It could last for years, plural. Okay? If everything fails and all these different kinds of relief wells don’t work, it could be spewing stuff into the Gulf until we have dead zones, entire dead zones in the Gulf. For years,” Kaku said.

This video is from NBC’s Today Show, broadcast June 2, 2010.


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    • Edger on June 3, 2010 at 04:20

    in every way…

    • RiaD on June 3, 2010 at 04:50

    no shit.

    dead zones in the gulf? the entire gulf will be dead. the florida keys & parts of the caribbean will be dead.

    we’ll have dead zones in the atlantic and maybe farther than that with all the fucking dispersant they’ve pumped.

  1. Significant amounts of oil is floating ashore in the Florida Keys.

    The amount of oil is significant enough to cause staining on boats, piers and docks. There is a sheen on the water and the smell of oil hangs in the air. Dozens of clumps of oil stained grass floated by in the twenty minutes the canals were observed by this iReporter.

  2. Mother Earth is being very generous with her children, giving us this beautiful opportunity to get our shit together. Gaia operates on geological time, for her this is a small matter. For us it is life or death. How long will we hold on to our hubris?

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