Obama’s Refusal of Holland Ships

Yup, it is surely on the net.


Why.  Because Obama has to “look good”.


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  1. Bilderberg Group’s push for a gun ban.

    NRA sellout.

    1. Every news source in Washington, and the NRA itself (in the

    NRA’s own words, linked above) agree that an exemption for the

    NRA itself (which would not apply to any other gun rights group)

    will remove their opposition to the DISCLOSE Act.

    2. The existence of the exemption, in the form of an amendment

    to the DISCLOSE Act, is not being debated by anyone, only whether

    or not this deal with the Democrats serves their members (again,

    read the alert).

    3. Only a few organizations will be exempted, as is the


    4. If gun owners do not have the right to free speech, our

    firearms freedoms are going away… quickly.

    How, after all, can we defend the Second Amendment if we’re not

    allowed to talk to voters, the general public, or even our own


    How can politicians be held accountable if organizations cannot

    discuss their votes?  That’s the ultimate politician protection


    The Pen, a decidedly “right wing” organization is calling for and evirornmental bill.  Hegelian dialectic.

  2. attachments that go onto ships.  

    I can’t tell whether they’re being used or not–some sites say they finally are, some RW sites are screaming that they’re not-due to the Jones Act, which doesn’t apply– because they’re not ships.

    Obama’s EPA was really really stupid for not allowing these things initially.  But right now they may be finally being used.

  3. the latest from BP is that there are some 100,000 barrels of oil gushing per day Document shows BP estimates spill up to 100,000 bpd

    Next, on June 16th, the Dutch were to be reconsidered in their offers (which help was offered three days after the explosion):

    The U.S. Government has apparently reconsidered a Dutch offer to supply 4 oil skimmers. These are large arms that are attached to oil tankers that pump oil and water from the surface of the ocean into the tanker. Water pumped into the tanker will settle to the bottom of the tanker and is then pumped back into the ocean to make room for more oil. Each system will collect 5,000 tons of oil each day. . . . .

    And, now, June 19, 2010, Kevin Costner’s siphoning machines have NOW been approved by BP, again refused at the beginning of the catastrophe:

    Three Ocean Therapy devices, designed by Mr Costner’s brother and financed by the actor, have been loaded onto a barge for use at sea. They are intended to separate oil from water at the rate of some 600,000 gallons per day.

    The company has purchased 32 of the machines and hopes to put them all into use in coming weeks. For Mr Costner it is a belated recognition of the devices’ potential after more than a decade of lobbying major oil companies. . . .

    The reasoning given in the beginning for refusing Holland’s help or Costner’s machines was that they would not get up every single bit of oil!  So, instead, we’ve had 61 days of oil gushing freely into the Gulf! After ALL the devastation.  Criminality from the onset of the faulty, unrepaired rig onward . . . . . !

    61 F..KING DAYS LATER!!!!!  

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