Greene with envy.

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I am rather shocked to see people hating on our greatest tradition, democracy. Oh how the sour grapes have wrath in South Carolina. The worst part is seeing people hate on a guy so much they call him ‘retarded’, while the smart money is on mild Asperger’s Syndrome. So how did Alvin Greene win his upset win over Vic Rawl?

Vic and the Insiders ran the worst campaign since Coakley.

There are four major components going into Greene’s upset win, all showing the beauty of democracy in action.

1) Neither candidate had name identification.

This is interesting in two parts. First off, Alvin Greene did not campaign, and in fact, only has one flyer to prove he had any campaign literature. TV, yard signs and posters did not exist for the candidate, no one knew who he was.

And if no one knew who he was, then how did they know he was black?

So the idiot elites of the Democratic Party have decide on a) he didn’t campaign which shows he isn’t a real candidate or b) he did campaign so people knew he was black.

Can’t be both.

Speaking of actually campaigning, Vic Rawl did just that, but with nothing to show for it.…

“We polled a head-to-head match-up between Vic Rawl and Jim DeMint at the end of May and what the polls found were that only 4 percent of Democrats had a favorable opinion of Vic Rawl,” said Jensen.

“It’s really not that surprising that someone with only 4 percent name recognition would lose a primary,” said Jensen. “Even though Rawl was well-known in insider circles, he just hadn’t made any impact on the voters at large.”

So Greene had 0% name ID, but Rawl only had 4%.

Outside of his county, Low County, no one had even heard of him.

2) Rawl trolled his own base.…

We, on the other hand, while we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on primary, we did do 220,000 robocalls (including one with Rep. John Spratt), and sent out about 250,000 emails in the five days before election.

For Allah’s sake, who robocalls their own base? Robocalling is only for push polling, where you use the call to smear your opponent, you don’t robocall your own freaking base.

That’s called phonebanking, and done with real people. Why? Because people hate being robocalled.

Ask around.

And then to spam out emails? That’s your GOTV? This is where netroots always breaks down, not valuing the grassroots that actually gets people to the polls.

On a funny note, of the 4% who said they knew of Rawl, I wonder how many knew of him because he had robocalled them.

This is the worst idea in campaigning since refusing to shake hands outside of a Red Sox game.

3) It was an open primary and DeMint was a shoe in.

Antics, antics, antics. I am sure some Republicans knowing DeMint would win did in fact randomly vote for Greene. But since Rawl only had 4% name identification, it is hard to say that Republicans voted against the favorite since both candidates were unknown.

But Alvin Greene’s name was first.

Speaking of which.

4) With two unknowns, the vote becomes random.

Rawl really screwed the pooch by not taking out state-wide tv and radio ads, thinking his opponent was such a none starter he didn’t have to do much. But again, Vic Rawl was also an unknown.

When people are given a choice between to randoms, the vote goes a little wacky.

Here, Greene’s name first does work in his advantage. It also helps that Alvin Greene is of a lexicon more attuned to American norms than Vic Rawl. I know that sounds silly, but it is true, two standards of American naming system, “Alvin” and “Greene” in a totally random choice environment does appear safer than “Vic” and “Rawl”.

So there you have.

In short:

Vic Rawl was also an unknown against his novice opponent Alvin Greene. Rawl proceeds to troll his own base with robocalls and spam email. Both candidates have no name ID come election day. Greene is listed first above Rawl. Last name Greene is more identifiable than Rawl to random voters.

Greene wins because Rawl ran the stupidest campaign lead by the stupidest political insiders south of Boston.

And since, by every definition of democracy and our republic’s rules of voting, Alvin Greene did win that primary, he has every right to be on the ballet in November.

And whoever keeps calling him retarded will feel retarded when he comes out as a sufferer of a social anxiety disorder.


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  1. Randomness leads to random upsets.

    Name ID, never discount it.

    Looking at you Bill White.

    • Edger on June 14, 2010 at 8:45 pm

    “real” products only come from corporations, right? Homegrown is only for people who can’t afford “real”.

    Or something…

    • melvin on June 14, 2010 at 9:26 pm

    sounded too black. It makes as much as sense as the notion that Greene with an e sounds Black – hello, what about Al Green? Or maybe they thought he was running. (Joan Walsh is putting the lie to all that bs, pointing out that Greene won some white districts by a larger margin than in black districts.)

    If I really didn’t know either candidate, I wouldn’t vote, but I have no excuse in a vote by mail state. Most people will pick the first name on the list, Greene’s position. There is actually an unexpressed assumption that the first name is first for a reason. This is well documented and the reason many states scramble the names, printing ballots with them in different orders.

  2. the Democratic political types dealing with this. To me it’s seems like a rejection of the candidates offered by the machines. The Democratic Machine is hell bent however on the Third Way of the Clinton DLC, were all right wing centrist corporate loving idiots who can’t tell a depression from a recovery, a terrorist from a mercenary, or a bamboozle from change. Maybe I’m wrong it is SC after all.

    The former SC governors wife blew my head off when asked by Jon Stewart what she missed about being the gov’s wife replied, ‘the convict labor washing and walking the dogs and doing the yard work.’ So it’s a mystery to me, I just think that when you are offered the choice between two bowls of shit you might as well vote Greene. The real tradgedy is these states could and would chose a populist of the Grayson type if they had enough money and pull to campaign.

    Then again they would send out Big dog and Rahm would make them an offer they could not refuse. They apparently used robocalling, featuring Obama, in Arkansas  to defeat Holder. They focused these calls in African America communities. They aren’t about to let the voters decide anywhere. There’s your pragmatism at play.        

    • melvin on June 15, 2010 at 4:43 am

    What a fucking turkey. SC dodged a bullet when they wisely chose Greene.

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