FBI Visits Mother of Five

Very confident in her “rights” as an “American” and knowledgeable enough to defend herself in the areana of Homeboy Stupidity.  What can I say, You Go Girl!  I wonder when filming FBI agents at your door will be “illegal.”


eBay bans the famous Hitler/Mao/Stalin gun control works T-shirt and blames it on “anti-semitism.


Big manhunt for founder of whistleblower website wikileaks.


20 Million wasted on “Fusion of Stupidity” center.


The official government stance on 911 and all other subjects inconvienient to world dominating assholes.


In the way out there X-files category I have this.

What we have here is sort of a pissing contest between two personalities of the “New Age conspiracy” movement.  It relates to the ascention of the human race on Dec 21, 2010.


All of this leads to what.  Well I can drive to this town.  A place where some water guy noticed something different about the stuff he was putting in the town water supply.  Something not normal.



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  1. http://www.informationliberati

    Rhetoric from peanuts


    Backing off on a tax to prop up obsolete lamestream Project Mockingbird commercial media.


    • banger on June 12, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    The video taken the woman in Texas who protested against Israel was really good. It shows a concerted effort by the FBI, which has always been primarily a political police force, to keep people away from protests from the left. I doubt much happens to people from the Tea Party protests.

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