99ers Not:Russian Spies:Dependence Day

The rumors of having up to 99 weeks of unemployment benefits are not true.  There is nothing in the mailbox and the DUA website says the cut off date was June 26.  Most definitely true, so now what.  That potential of draining the savings, cashing in the 401 but most of all the stoppage of buying stuff period.  Selling the house and moving to rural America seems remote as these areas will be hard hit by energy rationing “green” initiatives spawned by ocean holes.  Cries of impending Depression with a capital D resound.  Some of the more crazy of my CT crowd are just shaking their heads not knowing what to say.  Are they really after the destruction of the United States because we are too consumer oriented or is it that greater cause of erasing human rights issues globally.  Roll everybody into the multi-nationalist corpo-fascism modeled after Red China.

Russian spies.  Wow, how I have to snicker at that one.  Deep cover agents sent from that evil communist Russia to fold us all into tyranny.  The Facebook set has their entire lives open for all to see on a system required to implode into blue screen of death obscurity as it has to update daily and now comes with subscriptions fees.  Like Y2K before the grid won’t go down to “hackers” yet will go down to either false flag events or blowout preventer valve incompetence.  Government cluepons for internet access is draconian censorship plain and simple.  It does seem like people are waking up even if it is meager numbers.

July 4th-Dependence Day

I was good at what I did.  I got patents and a foreign assigment out of the deal yet today corporate is looking for only young people who know specifically how to suck corporate cock expertly.  The great resumee shredder that is the internet might be read by english as a second language clerks at scamming job search companies if it has not been rejected automatically because of my age.  Hell with the Russians, you got a bona fide domestic American malcontent right here. Club Dmitry Orlov.



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  1. LH, I’m sorry for your newfound circumstances, as I am for each and every one of us, who have suffered at the hands of the “elite.”  I hope you and yours will be O.K.  Amazing how little is said about the multitude of Americans, who have literally lost EVERYTHING!

    Russian spies? Remember the “Giant” that sold out Americans by giving away “personal information” pertaining to them?  Well, seems they want to know everything, i.e., who your friends are, your likes, your dislikes, your blogs, yep, all your personal stuff.  But that’s not enough — check out the latest:

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    Hey, Russian spies?  Not to worry — we got our very own American spies, spying on American people!  Wow, whadda’ concept, you could be processed instantaneously!

    The “age thing” is so not happy, LH.  They’ll get someone half as young and half as qualified or talented — quality has been out the window for years now.

    But the asininity of it is, there’s an effort to try and up the age of retirement to say, like 70!  So, employers can let you go somewhere between 50 and say, 65, and you won’t qualify for Social Security or Medicare until age 70?  So, Americans are intended to suffer a slow death (or maybe, a fast one, depending on their state of health)

    Aw, yes, the “gold watch,” the “golden” years of retirement has now become a “pitchfork” to those who are aging!  Once upon a time . . . . . . !


  2. But at this very moment, which may not last till the end of the sentence, I see this current insanity as the last, squirming gasp of a desperate and vestigial subset of humanity. Just when they think they’ve reached the pharaonic pinnacle, the whole friggin thing’s gonna blow up in their face. The little golden trinkets and stash of food that was supposed to set up pharaoh’s embalmed body for the long hereafter was reclaimed by the children of the same group of people that pharaoh screwed with in the first place. It wasn’t so good after all to be the first corporate body.

    • Xanthe on July 2, 2010 at 17:26

    I recognize the throw away sarcasm – I use it myself – we’re all hurting.

    I go for the erasing human rights globally.  

    We’re pretty much finished – One of the last straws was  in the catfood commission legislation vote embedded in the Supplemental funding for the continuous war in Afghanistan Pelosi stuck in last minute last night.  There’s so much irony in everything the Congress does but fraking the  elderly in the same bill where Erskine Bowles (a multi millionaire defense contractor and also on the catfood commission) gets to win twice – twice – is pretty amazing even for the USA.  

    And wait for it – a reality show starring that Russian girl spy.  Someone is on the phone now trying to seal the deal.    

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