4 Days:Not Enough

Four Days is not enough for a complete detox cycle but it is enough to smell the hydrogen sulfide when approaching the Massachusetts border.  One can also tell by the increasing insanity of lane changing idiots on the Maine Turnpike.


So I am back from the isolation that is the peace of people free deep Maine woods.  Did we nuke Iran yet?  Are we closer to major economic depression yet?

I see they have not fixed the hole in the ocean.  Unemployment is spending millions trying to figure out how to throw people off benefits.

Did they ban guns yet.  Have they prevented Luke Rudowski from entering Canada for the G20 based on “intel” reports.  Are the sheeple watching the retarded World Cup yuppie games with those stupid recycled plastic horns.  Does the human race suck more or less than since I left to unwind in the peace and clean air of the magical Maine woods.

Welcome back to Mass, unemployment says money all gone.  The financial planner creep says there are plenty of 7-11 gas station attendant jobs and another 200 units of crap 40B housing are going up in a community under continuous water bans.  Still say 7 bucks a gallon by November.

Dependence Day 2010


Well, I mean it’s not Freedom Tower anymore, is it.


Lamestream media’s total non-coverage of the Toronto G20 meeting.

How do I enjoy myself when there is no happiness in the future.


  1. not yet

    most likely





    Maine is awesome! Been there several times. In fact, one of my life goals is to hike the Appalachian Trail from Springer Mtn, GA to Mt Katahdin, ME

    Welcome back to the hologram of reality. 😉

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