10 Bucks a Gallon

Day two of Bilderberg reveals this.


BP execs are on TV telling us they will clean up. From the 911 truth circles I have videos of non-toxic oil eating bacteria which has already been tested and used.

It is also my firm conviction western society elevates the wrong scumbags to postions of influence and power.  Anybody who has a billion dollars and still wants more is my spiritual opposite.


Neither left nor right is the solution.


Socio-Mom wants to go to the 20% off sale days at CVS.  I mean she’s not even remotely concerned about the financial planner NOT  being able to save more than half of the former assets.  This is part and parcel perhaps one of my best illustrations of people being a zero order predatory species.

Oil in the gulf, perfect excuse for predatory “green” initiatives, hey the inconvienient ruse didn’t work.  Fires in Canada and maybe the volcanic ash has had enough time to circle the globe.  Food crisis next.


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  1. BP will undoubtedly seek a means to “recoup” whatever it spends in the efforts at so-called “reparations” of the damage it has caused — while they enjoyed massive profits over these many years (immense, with the Bush administration and the all the lack of regulations over them), at OUR expense.

    Ues, “food” cold become a definite crisis, as well.  We don’t know the extent to which the “food chain” has been broken.  The eco-balance is dependent on the interconnectivity of all forms of “life.”

    • Joy B. on June 9, 2010 at 3:31 am

    Hope you’ve got your Victory Garden growing!

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