‘we smoked that cop’

I just posted these over in the open thread as well as cheers and jeers, at kos, first it was the article about the Cop Killing, which I’ve been following the last couple of days;. He was still strapped in his car seat and shot in the head, point blank range!

But than another report hits this morning, unrelated to that but of equal mentality and showing in what direction this country is quickly going also following the report that a judge is allowing the Hutaree group to post bond

As well as to the failed bombing threat and arrest of the suspect

Charges: Suspect says ‘we smoked that cop’

“Josh was kind of a hotshot who thought he was tough,” said Bickell, 58. “He looked at me and said: ‘I’m in trouble.'”

Just how much trouble became clear Monday when Ramsey County authorities charged Martin, 21, with intentional second-degree murder for his non-shooting role in the death of a veteran Maplewood police officer. Report Continues

And the McVeigh wannabee’s

Twin Cities man allegedly threatened to blow up building

Peter Dziuk told investigators he was dissatisfied with his job at the state Agriculture Department. According to the charges, Dziuk told two state employees on separate occasions in March and then in April that he was going to blow up the building. He believed his employer was trying to fire him, the complaint said. Both witnesses told investigators Dziuk seemed agitated and angry.

Dziuk told investigators he had ammonium nitrate, the same bomb-building component that Timothy McVeigh used to blow up the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. Report Continues

And not long ago we get this.


  1. Federal judge delays ruling: “How the government would be harmed if released!”!

    Say What, they wouldn’t have raid this wacky group of little ‘rambo’s’, ‘domestic criminal terrorist’,  Before They Could Carry Out What They Were Planning If There Wasn’t An Impending Danger!!!

    Judge delays release of Hutaree members

    U.S. District Judge Victoria A. Roberts said she would give government prosecutors until 5 p.m. Wednesday to tell her whether the solicitor general approved an appeal of her order and to provide more details of how the government would be harmed if they were released, The Detroit News reported Tuesday. Article Continues

  2. is much like the JFK myth, the US entry into WWII, the Gulf of Tonkin, Project Northwoods, Iran Contra,911, the fake swine flu, the engineered financial crash and health care destroyment.

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