The State of the United States, 2010 edition!

In the spirit of Counry Joe & the Fish’s late 1960s rendition of “Fixin’ to Die Rag”, the following video will first invite laughter, followed by the inevitable, but disconcerting question, “Why does this all sound so familiar?”

The person posting this video provides some helpful clarification which is hopefully still accurate, reassuring us that Tastykakes and Little Debbie products are made in the U.S. and contain no harmful ingredients.

The poster also listed the following ten REAL reasons to avoid products made in China (good luck with meeting that resolution):

1. Products made with hazardous materials

2. Lack of quality control, monitoring, and safety regulations, plus corruption

3. Tainted food, deadly drugs, adulterated products

4. High levels of antibiotics and toxins in seafood

5. Exploitation of the Chinese workforce and use of child labor

6. Predatory pricing and unethical business practices

7. Massive industrialization at the expense of the environment

8. Deforestation and mining has destroyed the water supply in Asia

9. Chinese military manufactured goods

10. Manufacturing in forced (laogai) labor camps and prisons

The question we must also ask is, “How many of the above ten reasons apply to the United States as well?”  


  1. This would have been unimaginable even thirty years ago, which raises the question, what will the United States be like in 2040?

  2. prompts Homeboy Stupidity national level exercise gone false flag Al-cia-duh with red level alert.

    Thought I was kidding, didn’t ya.

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