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  1. … a WaPo “breaking news” email but no story yet, just the headline BP successfully inserts  a pipe at site of gulf oil leak.

    I have no idea what this means.

  2. of over a week ago Corks, pillows . . . wherein BP explains some of its’ ideas to stop the “gush,” as well as other suggestions.

    I posted pretty much at the end in comment to the article and an idea (please don’t laugh — note disclaimer):

    The moss absorption idea sounds good and ecologically sound.

    Although this catastrophe has been referred to as a “leak,” it is far more than a leak and is really a “gush,” as it continues to spew with a ferocity. I have absolutely no technological knowledge as concerns clean-ups of oil “spillage,” but this dome idea seems a little frightening to me in that “capping” the gush, I wonder (even though trying to at the same time funnel it out) if it will sufficiently relieve the pressure so that other leaks may not develop. Clean-Kool + carbon dioxide + ocean life?????

    I have no idea if something like this would work, but why couldn’t huge barges be sent along these coasts with tank cars and attempt to syphon the oil into the tank cars, then deal with the oil later? Getting that oil up is first and foremost to the people, the ocean life, the eco-life and the environment — I’ve heard scientists say that it will be decades before the effects of this horrendous disaster will begin to fade..

    BP Atlantis knew that there were Federal violations, as well as internal violations and they did nothing about them. IT IS TIME THAT THEY PAID THE PIPER, along with Halliburton, etc. also involved. These companies have bathed in obscene profits for years, at our expense, and they can’t take care of violations? GREED has no conscience. LET THEM PAY AND PAY AND PAY for the “destruction” they have caused. In addition, they should be regulated to the hilt. This is the only way we can get these mega-conglomerates to behave responsibly.

    With no intent of making light, I can’t help but to post this comment of a poster who also took stock of all the ideas in the article and comments:

    by chi_sam

    Today we salute you, Mr. Armchair Pontificator and Petrochemical Engineering Savant.

    While mere mortals toil and sweat to apply Rube Goldberg solutions to this monumental engineering challenge, you masterfully conjure up brilliant solutions that run the gamut from nuclear detonations and HAARP-induced vortexes to Jolly-Green-Giant-sized Shop Vacs and enormous hair-balls.

    Just sit back and mock deservedly as those lesser fools sweat profusely and break their backs as they swallow mouthfuls of oil-fouled seawater, comfortable in the secure knowledge that they could have solved this whole crises in mere minutes had they the good sense and foresight to have called you first.

    So crack open a warm quart of 10w30, Mr. Armchair Pontificator and Petrochemical Engineering Savant, and commence to sharing your next Nobel-Prize-worthy hypothesis while your wife blows the plumber in exchange for replacing the disposal you completely destroyed in your frustrated and amateurish attempt to dislodge a stuck fork.


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