Technologically Advanced at One Thing

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And that’s ALL, that’s what the whole business economy is geared to and who pays when they aren’t regulated and that creates huge problems, like the criminal enterprises many have become, everyone does but them and their investors!

And it’s not only what’s going on in the Gulf and oil companies and their so called best of the best…………………………… executives, it’s across the board in every big industry and big business model, MONEY is their only concern and not long term growth, getting as much as they can as quickly as they can and hope for the best and when something happens blame everyone else for their extreme failures!

Rachel goes back in time

Cost to much, apparently, to not only hire on Experienced Engineers, who have already faced problems and solved them, to teach new engineers of the problems already faced {those pieces of paper say they’re already highly intelligent and oh ya their cheaper}, but also to carry on continued Preventive Maintenance and drills in case of problems with groups of workers who’s only job, in most industries, is fixing the problems {they usually don’t have or need pieces of paper, education comes directly from long work experience} and using ever advancing technology to do so, again across most Big Business and Big Industries.

But you see in todays economic capitalism that would cut into investor returns, corporate executives ever increasing compensation {workers stagnated or falling wages} and similar growing bonuses as well as the ever expanding growth in write off corporate perks!

This is what’s destroying our economy and country and not what had once been in the direction of building same and I grew up in till some thirty or so years ago!


  1. Should have either Rachel or her Researchers on Speed Dial, and I can think of some others as well!

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