Pish Tosh


Punching through

fabrics of official


Snip snip

won’t do.

Reweaves too quick for that.


The incessant

Boo! Boo!

becomes annoying.

Lies lies

so thin.

It can’t get louder so it gets thin.


Cocksucker, or

some other

shocking society word.

Pish tosh

too slow.

Doesn’t begin to approach the foe.


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  1. It costs you everything.  Tell my mother, tell my father, I’ve done the best I can…..

    I’ve been angry, for 30 years.  I’ve been justified, in every jot and tittle .. for all my anger.  There are some things that are worth whatever it costs.

    I’ve been sad, I am sad, the bottomless sadness of death.

    There is only, at the end, discipline……

    Maybe in 80 years .. but it will now cost THEM everything.  We are going to make it cost you what it has cost us.

    I have forgiven, yes .. but it makes no difference.  You have sinned and you will atone …. this “second chance” Obama has vis a vis gay rights .. I hope they understand.  I’m not angry, I’m just saying .. sometimes goodbye is a second chance.

  2. .

    formless haiku

    with the wrong number of syllables

    fucks their shit up

    minor revenge, small rebellion

    snow on pines!

  3. wordsmiths sharpen

    psychic blades

    a dull edge glistens

    like dew on a grass shoot fresh

    with morning


    thin skins must wear

    phat armor and

    booster their quivers

    with jpg gnats


    evening falls

    still empty the pockets


    blogs at the moon

    warm dry safe

    tucked away in dharmaland



  4. “Pish tosh?”  Oh, my gosh!

    Haven’t heard that phrase in quite some time,

    Just maybe, with the times it does not rhyme,

    Not a phrase I think we should use,

    when so much is already a “pish tosh” abused,

    An “oh, my gosh,” won’t help and a wimpy cry,

    we know and see that which we deem should “die!”

    “Pish tosh” — such shameful words “lived” each day,

    as domestic “foes” prey and have it their way!

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