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  1. church shopping for me and my kid… Ive delayed way too long on this.

    Baha’i teachings.

    At the heart of Bahá’u’lláh’s teachings is the principle of the Three Onenesses:

    One God

    There is one God, who is the source of life, love, and all perfections. Our purpose is to know and love God.

    One Humanity

    All the peoples of the world are as one family. We are all “the fruits of one tree, and the leaves of one branch.”

    One Religion

    Religion is progressively unfolding. Throughout history, God has sent various Messengers to humanity to educate us and draw us close to Him. The essence of the world’s religions is one and the same.

  2. I have spent way too much time reading blogs and political commentary today. I will atone for this shortly. On several occasions I have caught myself succumbing to the urge to respond to discussions in an enraged manner. This is something I try really hard to avoid, because ultimately, it only provides momentary feeling of gratification and makes real discussion impossible. On the other hand, I kept revisiting particular themes today and I need some place to put this so I can get on with my work. I assume this is an open thread, but if I am mistaken or anybody feels I am just being a jerk, please feel free to nuke my post. And I apologize to NPK for dumping this here.

    Rage ahoy!

    Here’s the thing, I don’t know what progressives are. Such a ubiquitous word that seems to only be defined by the context in which people use it. I don’t know what it means here, there or anywhere.

    Sometimes I think it is some kind of liberal/libertarian hybrid. Sometimes it sounds leftist. Sometimes it sounds centrist or pragmatic. It usually indicates change, but what that change is is often a mystery. Other times it is used as anything other than Republican. Hell, last week I heard Lincoln refer to blue dogs as “principled progressives” on NPR.  What the fuck does that mean?

    I know what the Progressive Party was, I have looked the word up in a dictionary but the term progressive still seems to mean what people want it to mean. As such, progressive is just another weasel word to me.

    What I do know is that the political left needs to be constituted on the god damned left! Not a relative position to the nuttiest of the nutty right wing, but the actual left.  Call it liberal, call it progressive, call it chocolate fucking cake for all I care,  but we need some minimum fucking standards, already.

    Am I frustrated? Clearly! This rant was just that. Take it for what it is worth, which is very little. If anybody can direct me to the left I would appreciate it. Every time I turn left looking for it I keep turning until I see the right again!

  3. … procedure.

    Don’t know if this link will work, but it’s to a live feed:

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