Okay guys, They Think I’ts Over. They Won!

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I’ve been watching a lot of television lately, since I twisted my ankle and am trying to stay off my feet.  

And I see and hear a pretty clear thread:  It’s just a matter of how we cut and “finesse” SS and Medicare.  It’s in the works.

Here’s an example.  This morning, on Morning Joe, Candidate Toomey was being interviewed.  BTW, shortly before his appearance, Mika said something to the effect, “…or Sestak is crazy and just lied.”  And someone picked that up — using Sestak is crazy as an opening to another thought but repeating the words.  Okay, it’s out there now dancing it’s way onto Dancing with the Stars. Joe Sestak may be crazy.

But then Toomey comes on – and I liked him on surface.  He’s smart, quick and seems reasonable.  I have no clue about him but will research him.   But he’s smooth.

Joe brings up the demise of Europe and how they have to cut social programs. Now we have to get serious here.  This is the We Are Greece meme sung to the Coke theme song – inspiring.  We have to cut Medicare and SS, of course – agreed to by the panelists I assume so since no one said a word.  Toomey’s take on raising the age to 70 (yes, 70) Well, it depends on what they do.  Here’s the thing:  I’ve been 30, 40, 50 and I’ve been 70.  There’s a difference. No way could I have done in my middle and late 60s what I did in my 50’s for instance.  And I worked for a law firm – in an office with a bunch of desperately ambitious 25 year old lawyers (get the picture).  But I also heard 70 on CNBC and CNN – so that’s the age apparently in vogue.  Joe was very relaxed while interviewing – laid back and, of course, Mika’s dress was pretty and expensive.  No one at the table was over say 50.  And I assume (but I don’t know) Joe has a pension from the Federal Government; he was a representative, no?  What about means testing? says Joe.  Well, Toomey hesitated for a split second – he is a candidate after all.  His answer:  “Everything is on the table.”  Or of course he may have hesitated because he forgot what he is supposed to push – “everything is on the table.”  Except, defense, federal pensions, county pensions, wars, wars, and wars.  Plus no oversight by the government causes huge spending – witness BP.  No one said a word – It was accepted – just a matter of time.  If they do means testing – it’s surely over for the next several generations.  But that’s just me talking and I’m not wearing a pretty dress here at the computer – I’m wearing a t-shirt and pair of pink shorts.  Let’s say I wouldn’t go outside even in the garden in the get up.  What I am saying if a bunch of smooth talking, well dressed people sit around a table and confidently talk about something – it does pick up some credibility.  And we are smothered by confident, well dressed commentators on tv who are picking up the same words again and again.

Those words:  We can’t afford.  Our grandchildren will be paying the bill.  Means Testing.  Age 70.  Private investment (yah uh – I kid you not).  Europe, Europe, Greece, Greece, England.  Europe finally realizes it has to cut social programs.  The dole is over in England.  People have to make sacrifices and the ubiquitous:  Everything is on the table, (except defense, drones, war,  What we don’t hear – taxes on highest earners, jobs programs which would go a long way toward securing SS even further, and national healthcare which would “fix” Medicare.  What is carried interest anyway?  Peter Peterson knows.  And as Joe said:  Yeah, most young people are libertarian now – no Dem or Republican affiliation.  Here’s the thing:  young people get sick, get old, need help. As to the Dem/Rep thing:  I could care less – I want fair, good legislators, that’s all.

We are told and I believe it – don’t be emotional about SS and medicare – doesn’t work.  Don’t bring up the suffering which will hit our older population – though I like Hamsher’s “Catfood Commission.”  Just bring up the facts.  Hello! Hello!  We have to study economics – I haven’t had an Econ class for years but I am reading like mad.  Read Bruce Webb at Angry Bear, Read billyblog – Bill Mitchell in Australia, read Dean Baker, read Jamie Galbraith especially.  (Paul Krugman seems subdued these days???) We have to understand how we’re being shafted.  Hell, if your Community college nearby has a class in Econ 101 – take it.  Do not – I repeat do not trust Obama or the Senate to protect us.  These people on TV are giving the show away – they believe now is the time.  They can finally do it and they are getting their cues from their bosses in the corporate world.  And it’s a global corporate world, ladies and gentlemen – not an American one – there’s is not one scintilla of American sensibility here – give it up.  We are at the mercy of global corporate raiders – the ones who send children to the diamond mines in Africa – who prostitute children everywhere – who want to overturn child labor laws wherever and whenever.  The ones who have just destroyed one of America’s ecosystems – d.e.s.t.r.o.y.e.d.  These corporate people don’t care about you, your parents, your grandparents or our own children and grandchildren (they are at risk tho they may not realize it.)  And neither my dears, does the media.  Repeat:  Neither does the conventional Media.  

If you can stand it – you might want to read or see the interview of Robert Reich by Larry Kudlow.  Reich pretty much loses it and Kudlow is Kudlow – no hope for him but he does have a tv show so there’s that.  And he wears exquisite suits and shirts/ties.  


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  1. If there’s any impetus for a popular explosion, it should be this one.

    We’ve paid into Social Security our entire lives.  And they want to take our money because they couldn’t control themselves and had to have the latest missile that never worked, that extra aircraft carrier and that billion dollar jet fighter?

    Fuck them!

    • Edger on May 26, 2010 at 5:29 pm

  2. but the level of propaganda sometimes seems overwhelming.  There is a significant level of misunderstanding about federal debt, deficit, fiscal and monetary policy and how all that relates to social security.  The propagandists are capitalizing on that misunderstanding or lack of knowledge.  

    Xanthe, you are absolutely right, we must become must more informed about what is going on.  And those are valuable resources you point out.

    I keep telling myself “despair is not an option”.  

  3. ….. so just kindly go tell them to **** themselves.

    Really, this is Senator Kent Conrad and Peter Orszag’s and Timmeh Geithner’s and Joe Lieberman’s doings, because our current administration doesn’t say “boo!” without consulting the neoconartist national “security” crowd on how to appease the Dept of Defense monster.  

    They are crooks. Every single one.

    Don’t watch cable and don’t take them seriously.  Form your own networks of communication.

    In the fall, vote.  Vote hard.    

  4. As I was reading your essay and part of johnsit’s, the similarity of our modus operandi in just about endeavor of our government hit me!  

    What do I mean exactly?  I call it “MM” (“media massage”).  We always get a massive build up of MM prior to whatever the government intends to do.

    War Funding:  The MM build up to garner $33 billion “needed” for the continual wars.  Real or contrived stoppages of a “terrist” effort.  The build up sometimes goes on for months and months, or much longer.

    The Healthcare Issue:  Look at the enormous MM build up in relation to healthcare and the years, not months of it.

    Immigration Reform:  How many years have we been hearing about the need for immigration reform via the MM?    

    Well, you get the idea.

    Social Security:  The talk of “entitlement reform” and “fiscal responsibility has also been going on for several years.  See and Alternet.org search.

    By now, we should all be savvy enough to understand that when the MM goes on seemingly endless on a particular subject, and the more talk there is the more imminent the “reality” of that issue, as we’ve seen over and over again.  And, we also should be able to see through the “veil.”  

    How do we stop it?

    Social Security & Medicare, our hard-earned monies, should be the “topper” that blows the minds of people enough to DO SOMETHING.  Right now, Letters to the Editors would be good.  Get the word out to the public, they’re going to be robbed of their Social Security and Medicare.

    I’ve been calling Obama’s office and my reps.  “Leave our SOCIAL SECURITY and MEDICARE alone — it’s not the Feds’ money, it’s my money.  Want “fiscal responsibility?”  End the illegal, disgusting wars for the rich!

  5. a Government run exclusively by people who have never had a callous.

    Their grandfathers weren’t on their knees scrubbing toilets at 68, their grandmothers weren’t waiting tables on swollen feet at 65.  What’s worse, they’ve got no first-hand concept of what a hard days work is at 20, let alone 70.

    They want 70 year olds driving trucks?  They want Arthritic Caddies out on the golf course?

    They want a bigger and ever more desperate labor pool.

    Ever notice that 99% of those who spout off about how “reasonable” it is to raise the retirement age

    1) Aren’t relying on Social Security

    2) Never drop a bead of sweat in the course of a work day?

    But, all that aside, if they can show how extending the retirement age won’t simply increase unemployment, I’d love to hear it.

  6. Some basic objectives of the Experiment[not a comprehensive list by any means].

    1) Establish a new inviolable rule that makes 60 votes a basic requirement to pass legislation in the Senate. Make sure it seeps into the political culture.

    However, consider lifting when no longer needed.

    2) Make sure the Supreme Court does not move one iota to the Left. Protect and expand corporate power when feasible. This is an action item as Obama will appoint at least two justices.

    3) Reaffirm international terrorism as a life and death threat to political stability worldwide. Make it a daily drumbeat of fear with the focus, currently, on Afghanistan. Be flexible and, of course, expand Military Budget.

    4) Shift the dirty work of dismantling social programs to the states. Prepare the way for the inevitable death of Social Security. Begin strong propaganda drive and initiate dismantlement in small increments.

    5) Work towards establishing a handful of mega banks as the handlers of the new globalism. Use the Nation State to control the masses, but free up the International Plutocracy in the process.

  7. are well founded because the plutocracy does not get it. However i will say that i think it is possible it may be a moot point in the very near future as i think the economy is going to dive into oblivion and quite soon.

    Here are just a few select quotes from around the internets…

    I think the plutocracy will have to face what it has done…

    From Richard Russell of the well respected Dow Theory Letter:

    Do your friends a favor. Tell them to batten down the hatches because there’s a HARD RAIN coming. Tell them to get out of debt  and sell anything they can sell (and don’t need) in order to get liquid. Tell them that Richard Russell says that by the end of this year they won’t recognize the country.

    Global Macro Investor agrees

    Richard Russell has a kindred spirit in Raoul Pal – although Pal thinks the stock market apocalypse will happen in a matter of days or weeks, instead of months. Pal is a former Goldman Sachs executive who authors the Global Macro Investor, a independent research publication. Pal claims to have been observing a classic stock market pattern that has resulted in historical financial disasters – a sharp decline followed by a failed rally followed by a collapse.


    From a very conservative John Hussman:

    My intent here is not to encourage disciplined investors to deviate from carefully considered investment plans. But if a recession or a bear market would produce unacceptable losses or would force you to abandon your

    investment plan, it is best to begin altering your investment position immediately (even if not entirely at once) toward a position that you can maintain regardless of market outcomes. If your position is inappropriate, do not wait for an “ideal” opportunity to change it. Begin changing it immediately, and continue to change it in steps – larger steps when you can get favorable prices, smaller steps when you have to do it at adverse prices. The important thing is to start immediately and decide in advance to move step-by-step over a reasonably limited period of time, until your position is appropriate


    Just a sampling from this:

    25 Questions To Ask Anyone Who Is Delusional Enough To Believe That This Economic Recovery Is Real

    #1) In what universe is an economy with 39.68 million Americans on food stamps considered to be a healthy, recovering economy? In fact, the U.S. Department of Agriculture forecasts that enrollment in the food stamp program will exceed 43 million Americans in 2011.  Is a rapidly increasing number of Americans on food stamps a good sign or a bad sign for the economy?

    #4) How can the U.S. real estate market be considered healthy when, for the first time in modern history, banks own a greater share of residential housing net worth in the United States than all individual Americans put together.

    #16) Both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac recently told the U.S. government that they are going to need even more bailout money.  So what does it say about the U.S. economy when the two “pillars” of the U.S. mortgage industry are government-backed financial black holes that the U.S. government has to relentlessly pour money into?

    #17) 43 percent of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement. Tens of millions of Americans find themselves just one lawsuit, one really bad traffic accident or one very serious illness away from financial ruin.  With so many Americans living on the edge, how can you say that the economy is healthy?


    A take on the psychology i found prescient:

    I attribute much of this psychological deterioration to moral hazard. When participants feel cheated (by bailouts and handouts) the game looks rigged. When the game looks rigged participants are less likely to play. The equity markets look more and more like a system by the banks for the banks. A true capitalist market would not have played out over the last 18 months as it has. But the endless government bailouts and “no one loses” capitalism is having a disastrous and unquantifiable psychological impact on the market. In the end, the system is weakened in my opinion – much like a species that never allows natural selection to take its natural course.


    I believe the markets around the globe are calling in the bluff and soon it is going to be a very different world that we live in. 1929 – 1932 is playing out again and this time it may be more disastrous. I believe a new paradigm is about to become reality. We must be ready to act to create a better world or as the environmental signs are telling us our species will be extinct.

    One last thought you may enjoy:

    Wray: The Great Depression and the Revolution of 2017

    WASHINGTON, 7 NOVEMBER 2017*. Yesterday Speaker of the House Dennis Kucinich was sworn in as President

    read the rest here:


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    but I have fallen to the floor after reading Prometheus’ comment – can someone give me a hand up – it’s hard to type this way.

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