Obama as a Lightbringer

Yes I am taken back by that statement from a source I have come to admire and respect.  Upon some pondering of New Age karmic related interdimensionality it might even make perfect sense.  Moving us to that more perfect world of peace love and harmony by showing us our blatant absurdities.

It’s about people manifesting their own future.  It’s about people having the same abilities the great prophets in history have.  It is about healing thyself and the world around us.  Our life path.  Why are we here and what are we supposed to do.  Does it have anything to do with 2012.  The trouble with the esoteric is that you never get the definitive answer, you get another question.  You get perhaps a bit more time to figure things out.  You get another take on things though even via the absurdly insane.

We did not.

Nuke the entire earth seven times over in the Cold War.

The world did not end in 2000 due to stupid computers which did not know what day it was supposed to be.

Anyway it does occur to my that since Obama we are condensing multiple generations of bad history and karma into a very short period of chronological time.  If we are to see the absurdities and walk away from the baggage of recent years, learn to not do this crap anymore maybe there is a golden age coming.

An engineered financial crisis and the resulting bailout of the obviously criminal enablers.  Ok, so we need a new real economic system.

A peace prize for expanding/continuing two bogus wars.  Ya, Ok so now we have increased awareness of how people can be sociopathic in their desire to control masses of other people.

The non-prosecution of torture, war crimes, the surveillance police state, health destroyment, racial tensions, sexual tensions, the astroturfing of the Tea party, the dying bees and bats, mountaintop removals, shitty toxic crap products from China, radioactive cheese graters and slave labor sweatshops.

Can we do better.  The simple yet most difficult of answers is yes.  

It is simple yet complex like the concept of Obama as a lightbringer.

Forgive and forget.  Let go of the old.  The old baggage, the hate, the concept of our seperate selves, the fallacies of a dystopian scientifically controlled borg society of either left or right political flavor.

When the shamans of the Hopi elders say, or the Mayans say, or Nostradamus,Zoroaster, the ancient Sumerians, or the prophets of “Bob” say the truth is we need a new paradigm.  By compressing heretofore generations of human evolution into such a short period of time we may see something really great.


  1. So, might as well start rising from the ashes.

  2. In addition to following in the footsteps, and being a vocal promoter of continuing the tyrannical Bush/Rumsfeld/Cheney/Gates Foreign Policies, Obama is even now opposed to Bernie Sanders effort in the Senate to simply audit the corrupt Federal Reserve Monopoly — just as you recall he was also opposed to efforts in the Senate to reinstate the “public option” or and expansion of Medicare during Health “Reform” (which reformed nothing).

    It’s which side Obama is on, and it is not the side of any light.  He’s with Cheney, Bill Kristol, Bernanke, Paulson, and the criminal Elite. Obama proves over and over that he hates and opposes real reform efforts in each and everything that he has ever done.

    People think that he’s getting tough on the Banks? Nope. He’s fighting for the totally phony Chris Dodd bill, and opposing the Bernie Sanders bill.

    There is no light anywhere with Obama here whatsoever.

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