Dispicable People 20100513: Brigitte Gabriel

Of all of the folks who are in contract with the Fox “News” Channel, Brigitte Gabriel is the most uncontrollable one.  She typically shrieks nonsense, most of it very venomous diatribes against Muslim folks.  This is one of the most vile persons that I have ever seen.

She was born in Lebanon in 1964, and claims to have lived in a bomb shelter for many years.  This is a lie, but just one of many.  Even Hannity could not control her on his show tonight, and actually apologized for her.

This woman is pure hatred.  She hates Muslims with all of her body and mind, but since she lacks soul, that is not possible.  Here is her picture.

This lying person claims to have to have lived in a bomb shelter for seven years, only going out for water now and then, and crawling for it, forth and back, for seven years.  Disinterested witnesses say otherwise, and she and her family were usually not in the shelter during the bombing.  She is dishonest.

She has written several diatribes against Muslims, not just the radical, hating ones, but about them in general, and her thesis is that Muslims have no soul.  I propose that she has none.  She is shrill, hateful, and impossible to ask to be quiet.  If Hannity can not shut her up, no one can, and he used the poor excuse that her earbud was not working so that she could not hear him ask the other, Muslim, guy, to speak.

That just shows Hannity as a shill, since Fox likes her.  It was a technical problem, right.  This evil woman is a favorite for the Fox “News” Channel, and even the powerful Hannity has to bow to her.

It is very ironic that Danny Thomas, the founder of the hospital in Memphis, was also a Lebanese Christian, but loved people rather than hated them.  Go figure.

Welcomed are all thoughts about Gabriel and the impotent Hannity.

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  1. for exposing horrible folks?

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    • TMC on May 14, 2010 at 06:18

    She is a hateful woman with a chip as big as a boulder that why Fox loves her. She says what the Islamaphobes all want to hear

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