Clean Water Act: Fines up to $4300/Barrel

Ever wondered why BO and BP (the smelly twins) are refusing to admit the real figures on the oil spill?

Just out of sheer spite?


(Reuters) – Just how many barrels of oil are gushing into the Gulf of Mexico from the Deepwater Horizon spill is a billion dollar question with implications that go beyond the environment. It could also help determine how much BP and others end up paying for the disaster.


A clause buried deep in the U.S. Clean Water Act may expose BP and others to civil fines that aren’t limited to any finite cap — unlike a $75 million limit on compensation for economic damages. The Act allows the government to seek civil penalties in court for every drop of oil that spills into U.S. navigable waters, including the area of BP’s leaking well.

As a result, the U.S. government could seek to fine BP or others up to $4,300 for every barrel leaked into the U.S. Gulf, according to legal experts and official documents.…

I’ll bet Kenny Boy will be all over this, to get them to pay up– to the max.

Err, Right?

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  1. Obama-put into power with BP’s money, could take BP’s money, which should go to cleanup, and / or to pay the now out of work fishermen, and put it into the treasury, and then buy more fun stuff for one of his wars.  

    Like say, more jet fuel– from BP.

    (I thought that was a ‘shell’ game)

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