Translator must be losing his mind. I agree with Beck 20100415

I feel that I am going insane. Glenn Beck actually said something with which I agree.  I have a bad feeling in the bottom of my heart, but what he said actually made sense tonight.

He advocated bringing our troops back home, and reducing the size of our military footprint, worldwide.  I have been advocating that for some time, but for him to come into communion with me makes me sort of nervous.

But there it was, on his Fox TeeVee show.

Dammit, as much as like to disagree with this disagreeable person, he just advocates what I believe.  Perhaps he read it here first.

I have always advocated that most foreign military bases should be abandoned and staffed with locals if they feel the need for them.  I also have always thought that foreign ports of call should be just than, with no permanent US Navy presence.  Now Beck thinks the same?

Franklin and Jefferson are my spiritual guides, and along with almost all of the Founders, were against a large, standing military, and the money to keep them.  Washington himself, to paraphrase, said that the United States would be a friend to all, and an enemy to none.

So not we have troops and military bases in Germany (big threat there), Japan (yeah, another big threat), and many other countries throughout the globe.  Most of those nations are not any threat to us.  Now, keeping some in Korea makes more sense, because of the nutty head of state there and his volatile nature.

I advocate closing all of the bases overseas except for the Korean one, and that one will wither away as the PRK withers as well.  We do not need to put so many or our folks in any of those places.  Let us bring all of our folks from there, close the bases, and allow the various nations to fend for themselves.  I am tired of using our treasure and blood to defend the, and they do not need to be defended.

Better spent would be the money to sustain a good officer corp, and be ready to train new soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines.  Jefferson warned us about a large, standing military force, and I agree.

Whilst we are on the subject, I would like to see an act of Congress to suspend every military contract currently let, and to take some time to examine it better.  I suspect that many of them are lard from the pigs that represent their Congressional regions, larded even more by the damned lobbyists.

I sure hate to say that Beck was on the right track, but he was.  Fry me in oil if you do not agree.

The solution is to elect better Democrats, who are not familiar with the military/industrial complex.

Any feedback is welcome!

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  1. Warmest regards,


  2. …. or maybe 2007.  War was a mistake, regretted getting into it.  Then go on to keep supporting Bush, vote for all the war funding, keep attacking Democrats.

    And he was a chickenhawk who dodged the draft on a religious deferment, who then swiftboated his opponent, who was a Vietnam and Gulf War vet with a son in Iraq on multiple deployments.

    I’ll believe it when I see it, otherwise, it’s just more noise.

  3. Left


    And Invisible

  4. or maybe we both are . I’ve been thinking I’m turning into a libertarian and feeling like I should vote for Ron Paul. My husband goggled his web page and when I got a load of what he advocates socially speaking it was revolting. His stances on the military are like mine however. It’s the times that are insane here. Our political language and directions are gone, we are all operating in a mad house which the pols set on fire. With Beck it’s the stopped watch thing, like the teabaggers they have a point but it’s upside down and nasty wicked selfish to boot. He’s a scoundrel and as KO calls him just a Lonesome Roads from A Face in the Crowd. . “I got them where I want em.”


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