Sunday Soul Food (Open Thread)

All my “essays” are Open Threads… lol.

I’m sick of “politics”. Put a fork in it.

My house is a wreck of a mess.

I hate most people and I dislike the rest. Except for a few choice lucky ones. heh.

Tired of spinnin’ my wheels. My focus has been shifting, since I figure about last August actually, but more and more….

Wandering off in search of food for the soul… follow…

Welcome to my “Church”.

Bring it … whatever you got.


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    • Edger on April 25, 2010 at 18:12

  2. my husband always gets … uhm … grumpy … by this time of the school year … but Im trying hard not to go off on a rant here. lol. Id do the laundry but Im out of soap. No gas in my car and no cash in my wallet. What else is new. pffft.

  3. Never as well known as the the other Bay Area bands, Quicksilver was a staple of the late 60’s psychedelic music scene there. The band is performng live here somewhere in NoCal, dunno where. Interesting watching the people dancing; very late 60’s style, so uncool looking as to be very cool.

  4. All of it.  That is me exactly.

    Yup, and Summer Vacation looms…..hepmehpleez!!!!

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