National Guard recruiters forged re-enlistment papers:

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Well, well, well, is this one more isolated incident, under the command of one george w. bush, and with only one State National Guard or were similar incidents taking place in the lead up to the ‘surge’, i.e. escalation, and during other times, in Iraq to make sure there were enough needed warm bodies or were recruiters trying to keep their numbers up for their bonuses!

Investigators: New documents reveal military recruiter misconduct

New documents obtained by the KING 5 Investigators reveal stunning details about recruiter misconduct in the Washington National Guard.

They expose the tactics of one “burned out” recruiter and raise questions about what the Guard did when it caught her and another soldier red-handed.

In 2006, the U.S. Military was straining to gear up for the “surge” in Iraq. In November of that year re-enlistment papers were submitted for Washington National Guard soldier Mike Patrick.

The problem was the signatures on the forms weren’t his.


Sgt. Wendy H. Schaefer is the signed recruiter on Patrick’s re-enlistment documents.

In a written statement to military investigators she said, “I became very burned-out on recruiting.” Later she wrote, “I was very depressed and most of my work was done by others I paid to do it for me.”

Schaefer admitted to paying soldiers and civilians from her own pocket for each lead and promising Guard-funded bonuses of up to $1,000 for each enlistment.

“It’s hard to believe this would have gone on and somebody wouldn’t have caught this,” said Patrick.


The soldier who was paid the bonus was also free to move along. According to his Facebook page he now works for a military contractor in Iraq. He wouldn’t comment for this story. We’re not naming him because there is no record he was ever charged.

“It appears to me that nothing really was done,” said Patrick. “It sends a message of tolerance.”

Mike Patrick did suffer with an unfavorable discharge rating that held up his security clearance at a civilian job a couple years later.

The Guard apologized and upgraded him to a fully honorable discharge a day after KING 5 told his story in 2008.

The documents we received in the Patrick case do not explain how anyone would possibly think they could get away with signing over a soldier’s life. About the same time as Patrick’s predicament, another recruiter controversy was brewing, one that wouldn’t be uncovered right away. –>–>–>

The more further we move forward, while still having soldiers in these two theaters, the more of what was going on keeps coming to the surface, and this Country has yet found the Will to hold any Accountable, the World waits and so do many in this country, as all this was done In Our Names!


  1. a soldier’s life”——-How about George Bush and Barack Obama for starters.

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