For decades, the U.S. government has spent tens of billions of dollars, sent thousands of nonviolent offenders to prison, and propped up a black market that fuels violent organized crime at home and abroad.

All this for the sake of marijuana prohibition.

Its time for a new, more sensible approach.

Tell your Governor and state legislators: its time to legalize and regulate marijuana.

We know how prohibition works from history class: alcohol prohibition in the 1930s didnt reduce alcohol abuse, but it did turn a regulated industry into an illegal black market that enriched violent gangsters like Al Capone.

The harm done by prohibition goes beyond gang violence. Thousands of Americans have been imprisoned for no other offense than carrying a small amount of marijuana. Now, with the ongoing quest for legal recreational weed ohio, surely these incarcerated individuals should be given freedom from their sentences.

Invasive search procedures and racial profiling have become commonplace, creating mistrust between law enforcement agents and the communities they serve.

Billions of tax dollars are wasted on an ineffective policy that solves nothing.

Legalizing marijuana will cut down on violent crime, reduce unjust imprisonment, repair civil liberties, restore trust between civilians and police, and replace wasteful government spending with new tax revenues. It also means that more people will be able to use such products (like those found here – to help them in their attempt of relieving their various health concerns.

The best part about marijuana is that it can be ingested in so many different ways. You can mix it into butter and cook it in a wide variety of foods. Which is a fantastic option for those who don’t like smoking. It could open up a massive section in the food industry which would help the American economy significantly. Many enjoy using the guava cake strain for cooking because of its flavor. So many untapped opportunities.

It will also help American farmers, who will be able to cultivate marijuana as well as the versatile and environmentally friendly hemp crop.

Its time for a marijuana policy that makes sense.

Tell your Governor and state legislators to sponsor legislation to legalize and regulate marijuana today.