Man fired shotgun when Census worker visited his home. Way to go CNN and Erick Erickson, you idiots

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Was it his wife’s shotgun?

ST. MARIES, Idaho (AP) – A northern Idaho man who police say fired his shotgun near a U.S. census worker who was trying to deliver a census form has been cited for exhibition of a deadly weapon, a misdemeanor.

Fifty-4-year-old Richard L. Powell of St. Maries faces up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

The Benewah County Prosecutor’s office says that on March 3 Powell told the census worker to get off his property and then fired a shotgun into the air.


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    Although this happened before Erickson told his listeners on RedState radio that he would pull his wife’s shotgun on any census worker who set foot on his property, it shows how some people are already on the verge of violence and need no egging on.

    So it is official, Erick son of Erick is the new Lou Dobbs/Glenn Beck of CNN.

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   Over a week ago Conservative RedState blugger and CNN analcyst Erik Erickson said that he’d pull his wife’s shotgun on any Census worker who’d set foot on his property. And now this news that last month, before Erickson said this, a man in Idaho did it, and was arrested. Way to go, Erickson, you are calling for people to commit crimes.

   Should any idiot act upon Erickson’s massively irresponsible anti census threats of violence he will have blood on his hands. I can imagine how Erickson will spin it if some moron shoots a census worker. I can also imagine how his new employers at CNN will fail to report on it. Even if this incident is unrelated to Erickson, it highlights perfectly the risk you run when you hang out with gun waving loons like Erickson who throw violent rhetoric around like it was dollar bills at a RNC junket at a bondage strip club.

   CNN could avoid this kind of thing if they weren’t so hell bent on becoming Fox Lite, of course, but noooooo! CNN would rather pander than report, and this is what they get for it.

   Honestly, this is just pathetic.

   This was the old CNN hate brigade.

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    The new CNN hate brigade has Erick Erickson solely in it’s spotlight.

    And CNN will happily pay Erickson for this kind of “commentary”. Even if Erickson doesn’t say things like “I will pull deadly weapons on Government employees who help American citizens fulfill Constitutionally required census forms” on CNN’s airtime, this is who he is, and this is what he does. And what will CNN do? Continue to pay his salary and ignore what a hateful, ignorant and irresponsible hack Erick Erickson truly is, because this is the crap they have decided to peddle.

   So way to go, CNN, the idiot Erickson is now your liability. I’d say “responsibility”, but the people at CNN stopped taking that seriously the moment they hired the guy who is obviously going to be filling Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck’s clown shoes.

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   The most busted name in news apparently DOES want to be an American idiot. How pathetic for the rest of us who need a free and unbiased press to report facts instead of paying looney rightwing idiots from spouting their violent drivel on air.


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  1. Dear Erick son of Erick, this FAIL is for you

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  2. the Sat Night Live skit on the census?

  3. Since you knew before you posted that incident happened before Erickson spoke and there was no connection between Erickson/CNN and the shooting, wouldn’t it be best to delete the diary as many on DKOS have suggested?  Or was the boring Maddow graphic describing the diary?

  4. in this country.  Always have been.  It’s rather hard to go a week in this country without a report of a gay person or a transgendered person murdered, not because they do something politically offensive, but just because of who they are. So I guess I find this peculiar volume odd.  The very same people who are screaming that hate rhetoric leads to hate violence NOW are the ones who would routinely question the connection when it’s directed against the above people.

    Assuredly, yes, the rhetoric does lead to the violence.  The correlation is undeniable.  But it is odd sounding to my ears why there is this hue and cry and acceptance of the proposition now, only now, when it is people in the government being subjected to this hate rhetoric and violence — that the same general people who questioned the correlation between rhetoric and violence when it was pointed out to them then — that is, Democrats and Democratic boosters — so assiduously cling to it now.

    And no, Republicans are not solely responsible for the hate directed against GLBT’s.  So it’s oddly sounding of political self service to talk about it NOW, when it’s too late.  We accept hate rhetoric as a society, and Democrats routinely employ hate rhetoric, as in the defense of DOMA and DADT in court, for example.  They recycle the hate of the right, so to speak.

    I guess, no, I don’t like it and don’t accept it, directed against anybody, not even in government — but I am suspicious about political prevarication and hidden agendas here.  It would stand to reason that those who find it so offensive when directed against themselves in the government would not so assiduously employ it when it can be a political football to use on us, whenever convenient.

    But they do use hate rhetoric against us, even now, whenever it suits their political agendas.  Even now.  So I find it difficult to credit they’re so concerned about the general phenomenon of the media stoking hate, when it’s so self serving and there’s a distinct lack of any kind of uniform standards, to my ears.  The Democrats have never been so concerned when it was our people being murdered wholesale, not just threatened, and that this hateful rhetoric was being sounded by the media.

    That is, if there were any sincerity about it at the highest levels.  You might be entirely honest at your level about hate rhetoric and hate violence, but are you being used as a tool?  A Democratic Party tool?  I would say yes, you are.

    How much of this is real concern and how much of it is political?  Why the distinct lack of concern about GLBT people being murdered, about our rights, about waving around distractive hate kewpie dolls such as Fred Phelps, less the underlying societal mode of hate to begin with?

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