Hawkings on Aliens

Stephen says we should not but I find it far more plausible to accept the fact we already have.


All because of a study done years ago saying “we” can’t handle the truth.


In this I find sanity in insanity.  Relative safety in the knowledge ETs won’t let us nuke ourselves into permanent radiation hell because the planet is too valuable and we don’t “own” it.  It allows me mentally at least to escape the petty prison of this place and soar with exopolitical real leaders.  Type four entities so advanced they are Godlike, zero point energy, time travel, anti-gravity and Star Trek inter stellar spaceships.  All in total secret.  Where do you think the missing trillions went?  

Ancient civilizations, weird stuff found on earth on Mars, the moon.



Classified aircraft and classification levels way above pResident of the United States.  Michael Schratt.  Now that I can accept.


Bob Dean says it correctly, “Anybody who has a billion dollars and still wants more is someone I can’t get along with”.  We have to spiritually grow up. Accept the divine spark in each of us that is the eternal soul and take our place in the stars.


Let us all whip out our caveman clubs and bash each other’s brains in over juvenile meaningless crap.  Edger is permanently pissed over my racial comments.  Many others here don’t read me anymore based upon my pissing all over AGW.  Many others think I need some meds wondering how I could possibly survive in this “normal” world.  Truth be told it is increasingly difficult.  Force retired out of a good job I loved, rejecting most of the history about the country I was born and raised in, not being able to help my aging parents because anal assholes get in the way in profoundly evil ways on top of wondering how people will ever wake up in this daily torrent of destructive false realities.

Evolution is going to be painful Bob Dean tells us.  That is for sure.

Which farm do you live on?



  1. It’s not just that you say racist things and elsewise things that are just unpleasant and hint at bigotry without context.  You come into other people’s diaries, make snarky comments about nothing in particular, and you provide “links of the devil”.  I do not want to click on one of your links and find myself in world net daily.

    Your tag line is particularly ironic — “whatever you do to others, you do to yourself”.

    Do you understand I do not want to try to figure out what you’re saying, click on one of your links and find myself on a hate site??

    Do you understand that World Net Daily, for example, has dedicated itself to the wholesale lying about gay people for purposes of subjugating and destroying us.  And you link to things that give world net daily “credibility”?

    Who are you trying to kid, here?  There are too many accidents of this sort for me to chalk up to just weirdness and whoops.

    Puhlease.  You won’t believe AGW but you will believe things like aliens are already here.  That’s fine — everybody’s gotta believe something .. but when people post AGW posts maybe they don’t deserve any weird irrational carping about it, eh?  You don’t believe in it — that’s quite clear.

    And you still come into my essays making snarky half bonkers comments — you don’t leave people alone when they ask you to.  You do understand that I am a gay man and thus have no use for your cloaked quasi bigotry commentary?  Leave it at home.  Leastways, don’t come into the essays of people you think of as a problem for you and leave turds.

    I’d be just fine not interacting with you at all.  But you make that hard to do.  If you don’t like gays, don’t like blacks – leave me alone (that is, don’t come into my essays anyway and drop turds).  Don’t whine about being misunderstood.

  2. some of the day, watching 4 hours of the new “Ancient Aliens” on History Channel.  From that I found an article on Hawking’s show and what he said, but the best part were the 100’s of comments!  We truly are diverse, we humans.  

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