Gulf: 5 times what they originally claimed

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And, a third leak has been identified.  210,000 gallons per day.

I don’t think any of this is surprising.

Opening up parts of the U.S. Atlantic coast, Alaska and possibly offshore Florida to exploration is Obama’s latest effort to woo legislators needed to pass a climate bill before mid-term elections in November.

– Reuters

Accidents happen.  Except with wind and solar, etc.

Whether with oil, nuclear power, nuclear waste transport, storage etc.  Which is why, President Obama–who has already authorized new offshore oil leases, plans to authorize more, and is pushing nuclear, claims there is such a thing as clean coal, when there isn’t, needs to be strongly condemned.  

“The question is not if a renewable energy economy will thrive in the future. It’s where. And if we want that place to be the United States of America, we can’t afford to wait any longer,” Obama said. “Global warming is not a someday problem. It is now.”

 Obama, during the campaign.

Today, he’s cut the EPA’s 2011 budget, and increased the DOA (basically should be called the nuclear energy/weapons departments’ budget) :

“The President’s budget cuts wasteful spending while making wise investments in innovation and clean energy that will put Americans back to work, save families money and keep our nation competitive in the global marketplace,” said Secretary Chu. “This budget supports new approaches to energy research and invests in the next generation of scientists and engineers, and it will spark new clean energy projects nationwide, including restarting the American nuclear power industry.”

“President Obama needs to remember what Candidate Obama promised – no more taxpayer subsidies for nuclear power,” said Michael Mariotte, executive director of the nonprofit Nuclear Information and Resource Service. “Renewables and energy efficiency provide both greater carbon emissions reductions and more jobs per dollar spent than nuclear. Unlike nuclear power, they are relatively quick to install, and are actually safe and clean.”

– Sierra Club…

But surely, he’s spending on renewable energy, too. Right?


10.7% reduction between 2010 and 2011 budget. Nuclear? Up 4.7% DOA? DOA Science? Up 4.7%  (plus the guaranteed loans mentioned above)

Well, part of the nuclear money is going to cleanup, right?


90% cut to uranium decontamination programs.  


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  1. is ongoing.  

  2. weeks or whatever the corpo-media will move on to the next lost puppy / missing white girl, AND

    our sell out o shits will be wagging the sternly wagged finger at who else is laughing at them?

    at least the lying fascists are stright up honest liars about their policies and their lies!


    • dkmich on April 30, 2010 at 11:59

    he’s is rethinking his decision to expand drilling.  Doh! What a huge disappointment this guy is.  He’s even worse than I thought he would be, and that’s pretty hard to do.  

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