F U, Sean Hannity. Timothy McVeigh was a killer bathed in American blood. HAVE YOU NO SHAME?

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No. They have no shame. It is the job of those who are repulsed by the Timothy McVeighs of the world to shame them.

    A few days ago Eric Boehlert of MediaMatters.org asked this question.

    It’s a chilling prospect, but one that seems more and more plausible: What if Fox News actually wants mob violence?

My answer: Yes

    Today, Sean Hannity called the astroturfed sheep of billionaire financed tea partiers “Tim McVeigh wannabees” as if it were a compliment, and they actually cheered him.

Watch . . .

HANNITY: When you think about the vast majorities that they have in Congress and they had to bribe, backroom deals, corruption, that’s all because the tea party movement, the people – all these Tim McVeigh wannabes here.



   So now the right is cheering for Timothy McVeigh? Is there anything more UnAmerican than praising an enemy of the Democratically elected United States Government?

    This is where the line must be drawn. If not now, when?

    So here is some Fair and Balanced news for tea partiers, Conservatives, Republican politicians, Fox News and right wing pundits:

   Timothy McVeigh was a psychotic killer bathed in the blood of innocent Americans. McVeigh stood for everything our founding fathers fought against, and if you can not denounce violence and eliminationist rhetoric against you fellow Americans you have no right to call yourself an American patriot.

    I’m mad as hell. More below the fold


    Two Right Wing, Second Amendment lovin, Anti-Government protests have been planned for April 19th, which is the day Timothy McVeigh killed innocent Americans in an act of domestic terrorism. Participants will be carrying firearms. One of their leaders has urged people to throw bricks through Congressional office windows and has threatened terrorism in the form of a thousand little Waco’s. . . .

We refuse to participate in the system, and we refuse to pay the fines, and we refuse arrest. Now where do you suppose that’s going but a thousand little Waco’s.

Bold text added by the diarist

And of course, this asshole is dependent on Government aid for his income. Natch.

    Conservative House Representative Paul Broun (R-GA) has given this crowd of gun toting loons his personal endorsement by agreeing to speak before one of the crowds of protesters.

    May the Gods forgive Rep. Broun if any of these kooks does anything to harm another human being.

    We have seen Conservative politicians like Republican Congressman Wally Herger (R-CA) congratulate people how call themselves “Proud Right Wing Terrorists”

    We have seen Conservative politicians like Michele Bachmann say she wants people “armed and dangerous”

    We have heard Fox pundit Glenn Beck say over and over how Democrats are tyrants like Hitler, and we all know what good Americans should do to tyrants like Hitler.

    These people do not give a shit about Democracy. Not one bit.

    And what has this lead to?

    In just the last few months we have seen anti U.S. Government right wing killers and potential killers commit the following acts of Domestic terrorism.

    The Hutaree Militia who planned to kill American police in order to incite a war against the U.S. Government.

    An anti tax suicide pilot who flew a plane into an I.R.S. building, killing one innocent man.

    A man who killed abortion doctor George Tiller after Fox pundit Bill O’Reilly repeatedly called him a “Baby Killer” who would kill any baby for money. O’Reilly mentioned “Tiller the Baby Killer” 28 times on his show over the years until a murderer decided to take the law into their own hands.

    These are just three examples of a long, long list of Right Wing, anti government and religiously motivated violence.

    If any of these people were foreign born or Muslim we would have heard non stop cries of “OH MY GOD TERRORISM!”, but I guess it is not terrorism when the would be killers agree with you politically and come from your base. This is how you act when you are a sociopath.

   Talk about the rise of tyranny and the minority-rule mob.

    And that’s where the fear of the perpetual angry mob comes in, and perhaps why Fox News, rather than lamenting the ugly and cowardly eruptions, seems to be encouraging it, or at least rationalizing it. Perhaps Fox News wants that threat of mob intimidation on the table, and Fox News, the de facto Opposition Party, wants Democrats to be thinking about the political consequences of further upsetting that unhinged mob.

As the blogger known as Digby noted last week:

   They know that serious violence is very likely. They are simply inoculating themselves against the charge that it was their inflammatory rhetoric that caused it. It will be the Democrats complaining about their inflammatory rhetoric that made the teabaggers snap. If they’d just stayed quiet and not made daddy mad, he wouldn’t have had to hit them.

Eric Boehlert of mediamatters.org

    I strongly suggest that everyone reads this entire article. Mr. Boehlert lays a stunningly detailed indictment at the feet of Fox News, and the words of Sean Hannity today and other Conservative pundits and right wing politicians since our Democratically elected President Barack Obama came into office pretty much confirms the answer to Mr. Boehlert’s question.

    Does Fox News and the Republican party actually want mob violence?

    In a word; Yes.

    So why would a media outlet owned by a wealthy Australian oligarch and a Saudi prince want mob violence in America? For profit and tax cuts for the rich. That could be one reason.

    Why would right wing millionaires like David Koch and foreign born millionaires like Rupert Murdoch and Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal have a vested interest in seeing the decline of America and an outbreak of violence against the American Government?

    Why have conservatives cheered for the people who committed war crimes, cheered America into a costly war that benefited only the war profiteers and their patron corporations, cheered policies such as deregulation, free trade and privatization that lead to the financial collapse of 2008 that benefited only the super rich and the Too Big To Fail banks at the expense of the rest of America, that cheered when America fell apart and now is booing any attempt to reverse course and bring about an American recovery? Why would they do that?

   For profit, of course! As America declines they get richer, and if they can lie and scare you into voting to give power to the people who will say and do anything in order to continue destroying America for everyone other than the richest of the rich they will.

   As far as I am concerned, Conservatives are either willfully driving America of a cliff for their own personal profit or they are too damned stupid to realize what is going on and how they are being manipulated.

   This is the fruit of Ronald Reagan’s merger of religious fanaticism and anti U.S. Government sentiment. This is the end product, the chickens coming home. My two questions are

#1.     How can anyone say they love America while fighting to destroy or dismantle the Democratically elected system of U.S. Government?


#2.     What the F**k is wrong with the deluded tea party sheep who cheer people who call themselves terrorists and compare themselves to terrorists?

   Frankly, I am f**king sick of being called UnAmerican and having my patriotism questioned by assholes who hate the American Government and praise terrorists like Timothy McVeigh and war criminals like Dick Cheney. You know what? If you don’t like America just f**king leave, go Galt, whatever, just stop bitching and GO. This is not YOUR country, you greedy, self centered assholes. this is OUR country, and you can either love it and try to improve it or get the f**k out, and do let the door hit you in the a$$ on your way out.

   So, in summation, F**k you, Sean Hannity, F**k you, Fox News, F**k all of you proud rightwing terrorists of the Tea Party anti America billionaire financed rebellion, and F**k you to the racist, extremist, lying, corporatist, torture endorsing Republican party.

    F**k you all and the billionaires and Corporations you rode in on.

UPDATED (for the Orange crowd, but shared with you here none the less: I posted this as a comment below, and I thought it was pertinent to include it here in the body of the diary for those who think this is excusable as “just a joke”

Since when was joking about being like a murderer

and a domestic terrorist cool?


In what context is it okay for me or you to make this kind of joke? If it is okay for Hannity it must be okay for us, right? Or is this another IOKIYAR kind of thing? If so, and it is an IOKIYAR kind of thing, are you really going to validate it by making the “it was just a joke” argument?

I call bullshit on that kind of logic. It is unacceptable, totally and unequivocally unacceptable. If you want to go through the mental gymnastics required to give Hannity a pass on this, be my guest. I will not.

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  1. WTF is wrong with these people?

    Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

  2. And Republicans have learned that the way to get anything they want from Democrats is to scream and howl and act out in this way.  If many Republicans, Teabaggers and Fox News go all Galt crazy, they can ensure that the “center” will be somewhat to the left of Tim McVeigh.

    They do this because it benefits them, because it lets people like Bart Stupak say they aren’t the most far right people in America and gets Democrats voting for people who want to ban abortion and imprison homosexuals in addition to passing corporatist health insurance bills.

  3. ….  alas my point of view doesn’t seem to be appreciated much by the DNC/DCCC/OFA.

    They (teapartiers) make loud noise louder and louder to attract attention to themselves.

    “They’ve” been like that a long time.  They just get egged on by the MSM and some politicians.  Not just profit, it’s power to be able to control the masses with some well placed media articles, email chains, and tweet storms.

    They do it because it works.

    There is a government funded aspect to all of this, because so many of the Republican public relations people running this Teabagger show are leftover Karl Rove/Bush era, same people, over and over, same money, over and over,  now the Dem admin is using these groups as a bogeyman, without acknowledging the funding, which I don’t like.  And from what I’ve seen you’ve got some closet Tea Party members in some of these internet social sites, supposedly Dems,  stirring up the sh*t big time.

    I am beyond disgusted, but I’m not going to go on any ranting sprees just to gratify somebody else’s twisted emotional needs, then I can be used as a “too liberal” example to scam little old rich ladies out of their pension checks to send money to Herger, McClintock, Lungren, Ron Paul, Michelle Bachman, Mitt Romney, etc.   But we all have to think now before we gibe somebody on this, because we are dealing with perverts and psychopaths, and they’re not going to be real concerned if somebody they don’t like gets killed over this.

    Like I told people at anti war rallies –  some of the people you will be interacting with are undercover or agent provocateurs, so don’t do any stupid sh*t and end up giving them what they want – you getting arrested.   It’s the same thing with this tea party crowd.  Don’t do any stupid sh*t.  Not only can you end up getting arrested, you could end up getting shot, which is worse.

    The businessmen and Wall Street, don’t want a “decline” in America so much as they wish to continue the extortion process of having tax dollars shunted towards certain things in our American budget –   that we keep on spending a lot on our current war machine and foreign aid and the oil industry, while they have the oil and the weapons to sell to us.   And that domestic spending on entitlements be kept low.  That gives us enough people to avoid a military draft.

    Anything to make more noise and obfuscate the real issues.  That way they make you react to them.

    I can’t shame them because they don’t consider me their peer group. (not that I don’t try…. )  It would take shaming by either clergy or more likely business leaders to do it, as the current MSM is unwilling to ask much of the Democratic party leaders and asks nothing of the Republicans other than to be their Roman Circus entertainment.


  4. he was being sarcastic. oh whatever. this kind of lowest common denominator stuff I generally avoid, but I was bored, and read this anyway. Sorry, not a story.

    Disclaimer: I fucking hate Sean Hannity with every fiber of my being.

  5. part of a strategy that goes back 40 years of creating chaos and the subsequent feeling that Democrats can’t govern. So says this important article:


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