Chew On This, Teabaggers (Song)

I don’t sing, but I play a little gee-tar. While I don’t sing well, this is more than the teabaggers who condone or act out violence deserve – even if it is to make fun of them. And it is.

“I’m a Teabagger”


I ain’t communist,

And I ain’t no socialist,

But you, you’re a fascist,

I’m gonna blow you away.


I’m a Teabagger,

Of the good ‘ol USA.

If you don’t do what I want,

I’m gonna blow you away.


Don’t want no black man,

In that White House.

I like my Confederate Flag,

In my front lawn.

Don’t want no Latino woman,

In the highest court in the land.

You know we victimized white males,

Can still use a helpin’ hand.


Thank God for my knife,

Thank God for my gun.

I’m gonna blow you straight to hell,

Before this day is done.


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  1. @ Kos

  2. and beneath the fear is the darkness of ignorance……

    the powerlessness of the ignorant to make the world conform to their darkness is the source of the rage…..

    but what is the path if there is one…..

    is it through the ignorance or through the fear…..

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