Blast Injury Treatment Centers?

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Why is it in all these speeches the press seems to think are so important, like those of the shrill voiced hockey puck mom, who’s son served or is still serving, and anyone attached to this so called ‘tea party’, as they rail against taxes and more, do we not hear mention of the funding nor sacrifice as to those serving or have served!

Seems the only time the military soldier and veterans of, are mentioned is when a meme needs to be added as flag is wrapped around their ‘patriotism?’!

Many are the same that never mention defense budgets, except wanting them to grow even more, nor gave any mention to military and veterans care as they beat the drums of war louder and louder, and still do!

Lawmakers question management, progress at blast injury treatment centers

April 14, 2010 Three years after Congress required the Defense Department to create medical centers of excellence focused on treating blast injuries, only two of five planned centers are up and running, and those are failing to meet expectations, lawmakers said on Tuesday.

“The first appropriation for this purpose was made almost three years ago,” said Rep. Susan Davis, D-Calif., chair of the House Armed Services Committee panel on personnel. Thus far, Defense has established centers for assessing treatment of traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder, which have been combined into a single Defense Center of Excellence. Centers for treating vision, hearing and extremity injuries are still in the planning stages.

“We are concerned about the department’s slow pace in developing such an important function. However, excessive delays are not our only issue,” Davis said. “The Defense Center of Excellence, or DCoE, while having achieved some notable small-scale successes, has not inspired great confidence or enthusiasm thus far. The great hope that it would serve as an information clearinghouse has not yet materialized. The desire that the center become the preeminent catalogue of what research has been done, what is being done, and what needs to be done has not been realized,” she said. –>–>–>

What’s really interesting about this report, and showing more proof of the lack of Congressional priorities especially once again as to the Military and us Veterans, ‘Nam ’70-’71, is starting off that this wasn’t proposed until three years ago! Not five or six, or seven or eight, or before, especially before sending soldiers into two long running Occupations of Choice, Afghan theater stopped being about 9/11 as soon as the drums beat towards Iraq! Add to the rest of the proof from the previous decade of corrupt, criminal and incompetent leadership, executive branch and congress especially!

The rest is typical DoD and where they’re ever growing defense budget monies get funneled to. As well as the citizens of this country and their embrace of the ever growing defense budgets with no questions asked as many complain about tax monies for other society needs and growth, that which most use on a daily basis. But especially as to the citizens their lack of concern, while ignoring the reports that come out from Veterans, to build the VA care system into the best in the World after they loose interest in the wars of choice they cheer on!

The Hearing:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 – 5:30pm – 2118 Rayburn – Open

The Military Personnel Subcommittee will meet to receive testimony on Department of Defense Medical Centers of Excellence.

Opening Statement

Video Webcast


Dr. Charles Rice ( pdf testimony )

Performing the Duties of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs

President, Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences

Department of Defense

Lieutenant General Eric Schoomaker, USA ( pdf testimony)

Surgeon General

U.S. Army

Vice Admiral Adam Robinson, USN ( pdf testimony )

Surgeon General

U. S. Navy

Lieutenant General Charles Bruce Green, USAF ( pdf testimony )

Surgeon General

U.S. Air Force

Another article on this issue and the hearing:

House grills Defense health officials about centers of excellence


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    • jimstaro on April 15, 2010 at 14:46


    America has been at war for a decade.  For most of the war, we financed massive corruption through cutting benefits to veterans, even destroying thousands of their files and through discharging wounded soldiers under the diagnosis of “personality disorder,” often brought on by a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) or PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress) caused by multiple combat deployments.  Billions of dollars were saved, stripped off the back of our soldiers and veterans as though they had been flayed prior to being crucified.  Crucified.  We have been doing this to our troops for a long time, but we really perfected  the process during the Vietnam War.  The “baby killers” and “drugged out vets” of Vietnam, damned by popular culture, movies, TV and newspapers, were denied medical care and disability compensation for decades.  Recent estimates indicate that fewer than 800,000 of over 2.5 million Vietnam veterans are alive today. –>–>–>

    While having to be tough advocates for the last some four decades, fighting where the major VSO’s wouldn’t and didn’t, the past decades support for two long running occupations of choice and nothing coming from those that started them, that administration and their congress, the time is now for Justice for the Veterans and the Country to pony up! What’s that you say, we’re in real tough economic times as a country, Guess What, we wouldn’t be here now but for the failures that the country and their reps supported, lapel flag pins and magnetic ribbons galore!!

    • jimstaro on April 15, 2010 at 14:46

    Duckworth speech marks peak of Veterans Summit

    April 13, 2010 Retired Maj. Tammy Duckworth, one of the National Guard’s most famous veterans, was recently in the spotlight in Las Vegas as she shared a powerful message about her personal quest for success as a veterans advocate at the Third annual Nevada Women Veterans Summit.


    Duckworth said she now works with Congress to assure adequate funding for the Veterans Administration.

    “The VA is transforming and responding to our veterans,” Duckworth said. “We are fighting for the people who have the strength to serve.” –>–>–>

    • jimstaro on April 15, 2010 at 14:46

    Forum to address veterans and Agent Orange

    4/14/2010 An estimated 7,000 African American veterans live in the state of Minnesota, and nearly 40 percent of those veterans may have served during the Vietnam War era and could be eligible for both medical and financial support related to Agent Orange exposure, according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

    During an upcoming forum on the topic, the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA) will explore several issues surrounding Vietnam veterans, Agent Orange exposure and what services, benefits and financial compensation this generation of veterans has earned. –>–>–>

    • jimstaro on April 15, 2010 at 15:01

    Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity

    Status of Veterans Employment April 15, 2010


    Witness Testimonies


         Panel 1

       * Christine A. Scott, Specialist in Social Policy, Income Security Section, Domestic Social Policy Division, Congressional Research Service

       * Phil L. Rones, Deputy Commissioner, Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor


         Panel 2

       * Mark Walker, Deputy Director, National Economic Commission, American Legion

       * Tim S. Embree, Legislative Associate, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

       * Richard Daley, Associate Legislative Director, Paralyzed Veterans of America

       * Justin Brown, Legislative Associate, National Legislative Service, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States

       * Captain Marshall Hanson, USNR (Ret.), Director of Legislation and Naval Services, Reserve Officer Association of the United States

       * Colonel Peter J. Duffy, USA (Ret.), Deputy Director of Legislation, National Guard Assocation of the United States


         Panel 3

       * The Honorable Raymond M. Jefferson, Assistant Secretary, Veterans’ Employment and Training Service, U.S. Department of Labor

       * Christine M. Griffin, Deputy Director, Office of Personnel Management

       * Willie Hensley, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Human Resources and Administration, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

    Live Webcast

    Webcast link brings up the House Video Player at time of hearing. Links for opening statements etc. at top link.

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