Beyond Five

If you Google the five senses a curious thing comes up. You get a bunch of educational sites telling you how to limit kids by telling them they have ONLY five senses.  Why are we doing this.  Only five my ass.

Today’s POS for later. ET, the great orange satan of Europe and the Stasi working for McDonalds.…

The best thing God ever said was “The Kingdom of God Lies Within”.  Yes, I think it truely does too.  It’s been two thousand years of one God and what did we do.  We killed his son, had wars over the “infidels”, burned the witches and tortured the heretics.  “Thou shalt not kill”, oh yeah, that went over well.  So what religion am I?  All of them yet none of them.

I didn’t know how to fix the brakes on my piece of junk 1970 something Oldsmobile.  When my neighbor mechanic came over and made a suggestion I turned around to thank him.  He was not there.  Went to his funeral last week, a sudden heart attack.

What turned me into a blubbering mass of emotional mush after the birth of my second daughter.  Crying over the absolute proof positive of not only life after death but the eventual triumph of good over evil for all time.  Mere words can’t come close to describing the feelings, the uplifting experience of universal love and that everything would be alright.

I was without a job.  We had just bought a house, just had another child and was highly distraught over how I was ever going to take care of my growing family.  I was bringing home the flowers and gifts from the hospital to get ready for my wife’s homecoming in the morning.  In the center of the truck, next to a flowerpot was my lost wedding ring and a big hug from my sister.  She too had left this world two years ago.  Yes indeed, everything did turn out to be far better than alright.

We told my almost three year old grandson we were going fishing for the day.

His first fishing experience.  I spent many a day with my kids pulling sunfish out of the pond, another family fun thing continued.  At the Agway store twice he pulled a pair of needlenose pliers off the shelf and handed them to his Grampy.  In my mind’s eye I pictured a pair of them in the tool compartment of his Dad’s camper.  Must go home and get them, put them in our new tacklebox I thought.  Anyway here we are, the second fish he catches and the hook is stuck.  His Dad had taken my mind’s eye pliers on a job so they were not in the place I knew they were.  How was that, what just happened.

My shaman side fights with my engineer side.  Can we “Stare at Goats”, bend spoons with our mind or see things not of this world?  Do we have a sixth sense, an inner voice?  Well I listen to mine when it speaks.


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  1. Ya, so they both begin with I, so what.  Well England passed a draconian internet censorship bill aimed at Terminatoring discussions about the New World Order.


    and the Invisible Empire.

    Hmmm…..did nature respond by saying “You ain’t going nowhere”.

    Earth changes shall inhibit the formation of the New World Order

    .  I certainly hope that is true.

    • dkmich on April 16, 2010 at 19:34

    I am barely tuned into today let alone a ghost or two.      

  2. of our senses we have been taught to filter them out. Artists have to revert back to before they were installed to allow the good stuff to come through. I have a friend a painter who was raised by parents who used the Summerhill theory of no negativity, none and pretty much freedom to develop. She has no social filters, and can be annoying and embarrassing, but her art and her spirit are beautiful and terrible at once. Just cause we block stuff out and have a limited perspective doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Your inner still mind can tell the bad from the good, the tricksters from the angels. Eating good actually helps the shaman.        

  3. things only seen with an open mind.

    My close friend Russell died in ’91,six months later my mother rented his house from his widow who moved in with her new boyfriend. Every time I walked into that house I could feel his presence, but I became more convinced after I moved into the house to help my mother when she lost her eye sight. He spoke to me through my son, he talked to me about things that child couldn’t possibly know. It was a great comfort to me. Btw it never freaked my son out at all, he accepted it as normal.

    My great grandmother had the gift of knowing of impending  death. She was well respected in her community, but it was a different time and people were more accepting. I have that gift, not as strong but it is there. I stopped talking about it when people called me a freak.

  4. And then there’s this:  in the Amazon jungles of Peru and Brazil shamans take sacred ayahuasca and ask Dr. Ayahuasca (the spirit of the plant) to locate other plants in the forest that can be used for their healing powers. They also have to ask Dr. Ayahuasca and the plant how to prepare the plant for use by humans (eat it, smoke it, chew it, dry it, make a tea, etc).  The result is excellent medicine.  How, inquiring minds ask, does this work?    

  5. The beauty is in the space between all participants.

    It takes many forms and creates many perspectives.

    It’s energy and direction is its essence; the doors remain open.

  6. We need you. I love this website, I signed up straight away, but I cant contribute because I do not have the skills to go back and forth.  Please stay. You are way ahead of my skills, so please reconsider.  I always read what you post.

    I love this website.  I always feel grounded when D speaks for me on Daily Kos.

  7. Then there is another putative bundle running up the dorsal horn of the spinal cord that may have to do with more general viscera and “feeling.”

    Then there is a “sense of hunger,” too.  A sense of sleepiness.

    Of course, many animals have spatial senses and temporal senses (both interval and circadian timing systems), regardless or how well or little we understand the transduction pathway.

    Then within taste have been found the additional “umami” and “fat” tastes.  Fat?  That almost should have been obvious from a thought experiment, no?

    To my mind, the science is hardly fixed.  Five senses my eye.

    And that is, or should be, a mainstream scientific view.  Just sayin’, we have things to learn.  

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