Uncle Sam For President

Take that you anti-American Teabaggers and Blue Dogs.

 Uncle Sam (Sam Dehne) is entering the fray but first only to put some hell in Rep. Dean Heller's (R, NV-O4) life like he has been doing for years for the Reno City Council.

Sam is no wimpy, mealy-mouthed progressive when he announces his platform:


Some selected excerpts:

As a citizen activist in his state, Dehne has spoken at more

than a thousand public meetings to expose wrongful actions

perpetrated by public officials.

[Man oh man, I’m here to tell you that’s a fact.]

Dehne is also a long-time, world class, volunteer entertainer.

He has performed over 1,000 Charity concerts for seniors and veterans.

[You get what you pay for as far as Sam’s volunteer singing goes.]

Sam Dehne plans to initiate his Grassroots Campaign with some

of his own money and small donations from close supporters.

Dehne will not ask for,  nor accept, any contributions.

Any checks sent will be torn up. And any cash sent will

be put in the church collection plate… anonymously.

In other words… DO NOT send money unless

otherwise and subsequently officially advised.”

Sam says that every penny will be spent dearly…

as if it was his own money… which most of it is.

Recognize and honor the sovereignty of the people in no-nonsense terms. (Re-write the oath of office for public servants accordingly ~ and prosecute violators of the oath.)

Implement a national, fail-safe, trustworthy voting system that does not employ machines with secret codes that can be rigged to throw elections. (Use hand-marked, paper ballots that are eyeball tabulated at precinct level before being transported to any other location.)

It will be my goal to help Senator Harry Reid get re-elected … so that he can continue to help Nevada using his seniority. I will offer my services in hopes of providing Reid with the benefits of my knowledge of the things that Nevada needs.

There are 10 very rich men in Nevada who made their massive fortunes thanks to Nevada. An argument can be made that they are at least partially responsible for the disrepair of the state’s budget and should contribute heavily to repairing it.

Make it a capital crime to tamper with the outcome of any election.

[That will open some seats on the Supreme Court in a hurry but Uncle Sam is not neglecting the other branches of government.]

Incarcerate for life any judge who works against truth and justice.

Incarcerate any elected official who swears to support and defend the Constitution without having a working knowledge of the supreme law of the land ~ especially including the Bill of Rights. (Swearing to serve something that you don’t understand is fraud.)

It gets better and better.  I leave you to enjoy as you will.

Best,  Terry

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