The Last Throes of Fundamentalism

Please don’t think that I think this will be easy or by any means quick (thus the Cheney parody)….we are talking generations, and we may not have time for that.

On the other hand we may!

IF, and man is that a BIG if, the human race can get its shit together to rise above the ridiculous pettiness that allows us to watch our planet dying while we argue over what can only be considered minutiae in comparison…

Then we could be on “the verge” (in anthropological time) of seeing Fundamentalism as a societal force self marginalize to the point where it takes its proper statistical place in the panoply of human beliefs and forces. Iow scaled back to the approximately 10% of crazy humans believing in ‘it’ that believe in other crazy shit. It is my belief that 10% of humanity always believes some variation of crazy shit or another. Again….statistics.

And not just Christian Fundamentalism, but Muslim and Jewish and any other Fundamentalism where people don’t just believe that God is speaking to them as His Chosen People….but act violently on that belief. And when I say violently, I mean politically violently too, as in trying to take over the political process to force their particular crazy shit on other people.

Because God told them to.

I believe in “God,” which is to say I believe humans are a small part of a greater intelligence or consciousness. I don’t believe humans have the capacity to define God, or interpret God’s wishes or that God favors one flavor of human over another. And I certainly don’t believe that “God” has a Hit List!

I do believe that humans are stupid and insecure and afraid and deeply deeply ignorant. I also believe as ignorance is exposed and brought out into the light, it is…..gradually……educated. And I believe that this is a process, as humans…..gradually……evolve.

Iow, for Fundamentalism to be cured, it has to be exposed and rejected….and it is. What was once a hidden and pervasive way of thinking is no longer hidden, and soon(ish) it will be roundly shunned, its leaders rejected and its practice neutralized.

Society, the NEW society, the coalescing and emerging planetary society, the society of ALL human consciousness and knowledge and shared belief that is forming as the planet gets to know each other and humanity gets to know itself…and see that it does indeed share far more commonalities than differences….. is being confronted by Fundamentalism.

And Fundamentalism will, gradually, lose that confrontation. It only flourishes, after all, in those remaining pockets of isolation from the emerging planetary consciousness. Places where it is easy to form little reality bubbles, where those reality are not confronted by information from the larger world, and confronted by a diversity of human beings of different races and religions. Once those reality bubbles do rise in to the wider world and are exposed to the ‘greater reality of agreement,’ they burst.

All the data I have seen about the people growing up today in a wider, more connected, more diverse world shows that our young folks are more tolerant, less hateful….and happier.

So just like any other wound, this wound in the overall human consciousness will heal….eventually. But in order to heal it has to be exposed…and it is. And once it is exposed it will be rejected, and once it is rejected it will lose its power, and once it loses its power….humans are one step closer to coming together, and one step closer to being able to cooperate, not separate and compete.

If we have time to do so.

Politically speaking, the forces of Fundamentalism are one of the two remaining constituencies of the Republican Party. As they are marginalized and rejected and their numbers drop and their power wanes….The Republicans will only have one constituency The Corporations. The Forces of greed that are actively killing the planet.

Forces of greed that are in someways excused and tolerated due to the Calvinistic belief system that is a milder form of Fundamentalism. The belief that if you are rich, it is because “god” loves and favors YOU, more than he loves and favors the Middle Class that you are robbing.

Once “God” is further removed from the political arena with the fading of Fundamentalism, there will be fewer excuses and excusers for rampant greed, less (self) justification for one group of people robbing another group to enrich themselves, and less excuse to rape and kill the planet.

And if this process of evolution gets stalled, the rising tides will help move it along, lol. There IS an objective reality on this plane of existence. And objective reality requires objective solutions that work.

And believing that YOUR God is going to smite all your enemies and impose your belief system on the world if you just kill enough people, or throw enough bricks, or learn to spit far enough to to hit Congressmen faces one main, and very real, problem… doesn’t work.

And whether it is a random set of larger environmental circumstances that drives human evolution, or some form of higher intelligence that can be shorthanded down to three letters, Darwin proved one thing. What gets selected….is what works.


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  2. This essay is about Teabaggers, lol.

  3. the shape of that process….

    is throught the failure thro victory of the folks u talk about……

    the shape of this being selected out is because it for a time “succeeds”….

    often it goes rawanda before it gets better if u know what I mean….

    the holocasut was not diffcult to see…..

    but only afterwards was it rejected…

    these self inflicted horrors r always fromt the hands of absolutists…..

    a larger flavor group which contains fundementalists….

    if u look at history it has something to say about how these convulsive rises and falls of absolutists go…..

    they never go quietly….


    I am all for a shift in the human culture but circumspect about the alomost certian path it will take….

    but we have no choice……

    it is in process as we speak…..

    I believe the crazies have not yet gotten as funky as they can get……

    not even….

    the real wack jobs r yet to be heard from….

  4. you are an optimist!! lol

    thats one way it could go, the way I certainly hope it will go, but… its all a crap shoot.

    The other way, their way, winds us all up in rapture extinction. Which is something they actually look forward to. The rest of us be damned (literally, in their minds). Which isnt very Jesus-like if you ask me.

    • Joy B. on March 26, 2010 at 17:41

    “They will marvel at us and worship us like gods, because, by becoming their masters, we have accepted the burden of freedom that they were too frightened to face. …that is how terrifying freedom will have become for them finally! We shall tell them […] we rule over them in Your name. We shall be lying, because we do not intend to allow You to come back.”

    The Brothers Karamazov

    Fyodor Dostoevsky

  5. Consequentially there will always be fundamentalists, as that is the most immature and simple of spiritual beliefs. As older souls on the wheel of life, it behooves all of us to think of education as our sole recourse in times such as these interesting times we live in.

    Education in the form of non-confrontational one liners that make people think seems, to me, to be the ultimate life endeavor. Said with a smile, a young soul most often will not take offense at such gentle prodding, and the results, while usually never seen, are ultimately rather dramatic on the individual being instructed.

    The biggest paradigm shift, imho, needs to be in the area of understanding the wheel of life, and the absurdity of a single lifetime basis of existence. Re-incarnational roles, both as an individual and as groups small and large, are subtle, and often very hard to discern in any way shape or form. Probably best understood intuitively.

    But logically, for myself anyway, the re-incarnational model is the only one that holds any water.

    And it is a very bountiful ocean.

  6. Corporate America has bought the Democrats, having found them in recent years to be a far more effective political tool for the corporate agenda, precisely because the Democrats–largely unburdened by fundamentalism–can attract more voters.  But this is supposed to be a secret, publicly unacknowledged either by corporate America or the Democrats–so, shhhh!  : )

    I doubt that fundamentalism will ever go away altogether, but I think it will shrink to the point where it can no longer win national elections in the U.S.  It may have done so already.

  7. kind of the last hurrah of the Crusades, except focused on

    Protestantism instead of Islam. Then the Church sort of

    coalesced in America to fight Communists about 700 years later. Then the real Vatican moved to the Treasury Department in Washington D.C. The current so called

    Fundamentalists are pissed off because they’ve finally lost their chance at immortality, and are worried about losing their inside pipeline to God. As far as the last throes are concerned, IMHO, we’ve all sort have been in the last throes since Moses got stoned smoking some bad weed near the burning bush. Bad Weed. The Good Stuff I thought was supposed to mellow you out. Oh Well, it’s just been a few thousand years, not a real good trip though.

    Why an intelligent species would make life hard for itself is quite perplexing. Maybe man just doesn’t like himself.

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