‘Tea Party’ Now Owns the Hutaree Militia Group, “you betcha’ ” {UpDated}

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And apparently claiming rights to any and all militia groups in the U.S., as it hadn’t been reported at first which group the Authorities were searching for the members of.

Yesterday morning, as word started coming out about the FBI and Homeland Security raids in lower Michigan, Indiana and Ohio as to Militia Groups in that area, now understood it’s some end of time christian? militia, this site link was top of the list in a google search for more news on the raids. The ‘Tea Party Patriots’ website on a chat page. They took ownership of the why the FBI raids, the militia groups members being sought!!

They own it and apparently some thought, can only speculate, they could use the raids as another of proof of government suppression of their rights, this to form domestic criminal terrorist cells and training to reek death and destruction in their communities and elsewhere!!

FBI raids several area homes

NEAR ADRIAN, MI (WTOL) – Seven people have been arrested by the FBI in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.

The FBI said Sunday agents conducted raids in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio and arrested at least three people, and a militia leader in Michigan said the target of at least one of the raids was a Christian militia group.

Federal warrants were sealed, but a federal law enforcement official speaking on condition of anonymity said some of those arrested face gun charges and officials are pursuing other suspects. –>–>–>

Arrest in Chicago suburb connected to FBI raids

(WREX)- The FBI arrest a person in a suburb just west of Chicago in connection to a series of raids made over the weekend in three other states.  

Investigators in Michigan say they were targeting a group called the “Hutaree”, which calls itself a private army that’s training against Satan. Other raids were in Indiana and Ohio. –>–>–>

Massive Federal Raid in Lenawee County

Several arrests were made this weekend after the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the Joint Terrorism Task Force took part in raids around Adrian that may be connected to a militia group. –>–>–>

Was the above subject title, at a website claiming to be the home site of this mentality, meant to convey another message of Government Suppression that these so called ‘teabaggers’, they’re label not ours, are trying to convince everyone that this is what’s happening, who knows. Do know only one at the time was complaining about the use of their name in it, others were just posting links to the short initial reports and the couple of news video’s.

But that title speaks loud as to what has been going on, not only the racist and calls for threats of criminal and destructive actions posters nor the same as to the speak when those gathering are interviewed but even coming from elected members of congress and especially those same or ones elevated as spokespersons speaking at the mikes at these gatherings, it’s also coming across, almost 24/7 the public airways we call radio and television.

When the masses of any group or movement Stay Silent, as others around them, or speaking for them, not only go up to the edge of extremist thought and wants, as we’ve been watching, reading about and hearing, especially as almost all the news outlets are trying to report this as some huge and growing movement with legitimate claims as they show the evident racist signs and don’t condemn the speak neither, but cross over the lines into destructive behavior, then that means those masses accept what the others are doing and saying. And some are on our payrolls as Government Elected officials!!


Thanks to Kristina40 {over at daily kos} for a couple of links in the replies, and after the authorities being extremely closed mouthed all day yesterday and this morning, facts look to be coming out:

Militia suspected police-killing plot

ADRIAN, Mich. (AP) – People familiar with the case against seven suspects arrested by the FBI this weekend say the case revolves around a plot to kill police officers.

Two law enforcement officials tell The Associated Press that members of the group in the Midwest had planned multiple attacks on police officers or other law enforcement personnel as a way of acting out their hatred for the government.

The officials said the raids and arrests stopped the plot before such attacks could be carried out. The officials are speaking on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss the case publicly. –>–>–>

And this explains the force and style the operation took, after the police killings in the recent months!


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  1. Bizarre, but at the same time so predictable.


  2. Ann Arbor News article reports that the Indictment states:  

    The documents describe enemies as state and local law enforcement officers who are deemed “foot soldiers of the federal government,” as well as federal law enforcement officers and anyone who does not share their beliefs

    As their “enemies” list includes anyone who doesn’t share their beliefs, thank goodness that they were rounded up before they could carry out their plans:

    “The general concept of operations provided that the Hutaree would commit some violent act to draw the attention of law enforcement or government officials and which would prompt a response by law enforcement. Possible such acts which were discussed included killing a member of law enforcement after a traffic stop, killing a member of law enforcement and his or her family at home, ambushing a member of law enforcement in rural communities, luring a member of law enforcement with a false 911 emergency call and then killing him or her, and killing a member of law enforcement and then attacking the funeral procession with weapons of mass destruction.

    After the attack, Hutaree members would retreat to one of several “rally points” to wage war against the government and be prepared to defend with “trip-wired and command detonated anti-personnel improvised explosive devices, ambushes, and prepared fighting positions,” the indictment says. That action, Hutaree believed, would serve as a catalyst for a more widespread uprising against the government, the indictment says…


    As GOPERS like Palin and even John “No, Hell No!!” Boehner continue to agitate encourage the angry mobs, they fail to understand that many of them, like Boehner are part of the government — and could find themselves even inadvertently in the wrong place at the wrong time, if their out of control loons actually got to the point of carrying out actions like those that the militia group above planned to carry out.

  3. The New York Times breaks it down for us, too:

    The [Hutaree] Web site, which describes the group as “preparing for the end times,” featured video clips of people running through woods in camouflage gear and firing assault rifles, along with links to gun stores and far-right media. It also features an elaborate system of military ranks for its members. The site says it coined the term Hutaree, intended to mean Christian warrior.

    “Jesus wanted us to be ready to defend ourselves using the sword and stay alive using equipment,” the Web site says, adding, “The Hutaree will one day see its enemy and meet him on the battlefield if so God wills it.”

    WTF are these people smoking?  Last I heard, Jesus didn’t say a word, ever, about staying alive using equipment. I think he said something about loving your neighbor and helping the needy.  I must’ve missed the part of the Sermon on the Mount about equipment.

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