Politics and Visionary Poetry


Political Poem



as tho there is

any reality

to politics

that can be

grasped ever,

ever,  never,

it is smoke,

it is elaborate

costume of

deception created

to capture

our attention

in spiderweb of power

enchanting us to believe

there is separation

between ourselves and each other

and the sky and the earth.

politics cannot contain

our fierce fire,

our fresh air,

our loving waters,

our humble earth,

our limitless space

with no boundaries

never boundaries

always free

always liberation.

Old tales

are helpful,

stories of humanity

from every corner

of the world

leading to the roots,

waiting for us,

waiting to feed us,

to welcome us home.


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  1. … ditty ditty dooooo.

    • Edger on March 1, 2010 at 00:07

    have a song in mind, I can think of one that I think fits. 😉

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