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    • Edger on March 10, 2010 at 7:09 pm

  1. here.

    Stale talking points (Plouffe would be proud):

    We spent the last several months fighting for improvements to existing legislation. We were successful in some instances, not so successful in others. However, the clock has run out on the base legislation. It’s either we take this important first step toward a truly equitable health care system, or the GOP and the insurance industry wins, and we see nothing for the next generation or two.

    I’m not particularly happy with the Senate bill or its modest reconciliation fixes. But it is a foot in the door, and it will help millions of Americans get the health care they are currently denied.

    I wonder how much he’s been following this saga – he has written a book, been traveling and working on DKos upgrades.

    It’s like he just cut and paste the banality of Obamacratism.

    If this does pass with mandates and without a P.O. and/or significant expansion of Medicare, it’ll be generations all right … generations of profits for insurance companies.

    He speaks of passing the bill and then fixing it.  That’s exactly what will happen — except “fixing it” will be Plouffe’s P.R. blitz telling everyone what a wonderful bill this is and please do vote for Dems in 2010.  

  2. take the ride.

    • RiaD on March 10, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    Jill Richardson (aka OrangeClouds115) will be in the area for the next few days…

    I’m going to be speaking in the Bay Area this week. Here’s the schedule:

    Tuesday March 9: San Jose Public Library Joyce Ellington Branch at 6:30-8pm (491 E. Empire St.)

    Wednesday March 10: UC-Berkeley, 101 Morgan Hall at 7:30-9pm (with Michele Simon)

    Thursday March 11: San Francisco at Viracocha at 6:30pm

    Saturday March 13: Work day at VeggieLution Farm in San Jose at 10am

    if i were anywhere close i’d be there to listen to her. the girl knows her stuff about big-food/big-agra industry…

    • TMC on March 10, 2010 at 9:08 pm

    in the admin forum since there was a protest that we weren’t utilizing it. I tell “mr. happy” at 4 PM. 😉

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