Obama is Worse Than Bush: UPDATED

When General Dynamics put the money up to groom and run Obama, they knew that we’d be arguing about race. That our side would be divided.

And, as I said, another faction had Hillary put up for the same reasons.


When I voted for Obama, my hope didn’t seem entirely naive- I thought that at the very worst, he’d turn out to be a slight improvement, and at best a fairly decent improvement.

I was wrong.

And, then at first I came to the conclusion that he was the same as Bush–but now it’s clear to me at least that he’s in fact been much worse.

Here’s my list.

Better than Bush:

1. Israel. Arguably, slightly better on Israel/Palestine.

2. Supreme Court. I don’t like Sotomayer at all, but she’s better than a Bush nominee would have been.  

Same as Bush:

1. Iraq

2. Torture, renditions, Gitmo–all ongoing.

3. Personal freedoms, Patriot Act, TSA, and Homeland (in)Security Dept–the apparatus of a fascist state in the making.

4. Handouts to corporate America–Goldman Sachs and other robber barons.

5. Honduras. We can’t really know for sure what Bush would have done here, but Hillary’s been yelling ‘get over it’ to countries that were against the coup, so I’ll assume no difference here.

6. Iran.

7. ‘Clean’ coal.

8. Endangered species. This one surprises me–that he’s been this bad.

9. Outsourcing.

10. Environment: he’s been putting industry lobbyists in charge, just like Bush.

Worse than Bush:

1. Afghanistan–Bush was pulling out, Obama has expanded this with no end in sight.  

2. Health Care ‘Reform’- Bush could never have pulled off this travesty, which is an attack on personal freedom, and the first salvo of the attack on SS/medicare.  (see 3)

3. The attack on Social Security and Medicare – Bush wanted to do this, but never could have politically. Ten years from now there will be no SS, and no or greatly reduced medicare –and Obama will be the culprit.

4. Militarism of the schools. This seems to be a pet Obama project from his Chicago days.

5. Pakistan. One of Obama’s first actions was drone strikes (some killing civilians) inside of Pakistan’s borders.

6. Nuclear power resurgence.  Bush couldn’t have gone there.  


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    • Arctor on March 13, 2010 at 6:03 pm

    as Bush’s was. At this point on the issue of torture Obama and Holder have made themselves de facto and de jure Accomplices After The Fact!

  1. He’s not one of them.

    He’s just a Clarence Thomas-esque traitor to his own roots.

    Obama is just another criminal GoldmanSachs/pro-War/pro-BlackOps hired dick.

    I hope that he’s a one-termer just so that another 180-degree lying, charlatan like him never rises again from the CFR/GoldmanSachs cesspool swamp.


    8 More Years of Warfare, Murder, Lies, Torture, Fraud, Corruption

    I suppose that I should have predicted this, since the U.S. News Media for no valid reason strangely elevated and hyped this totally unknown and unaccomplished Illinois state senator to Superstar status, for just giving one speech (which itself said nothing bold, new, or remotely controversial).  

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