Maverick to AZ children: MARK IT ZERO!!!! You are entering a world of pain

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Image Hosting by This is GOOD NEWS for John McCain, and it comes at the expense of 42,000 Arizona children. What a sellout maverick.

    Roughly translated, McCain and the Arizona GOP’s message to sick AZ children would read like this . . . .

    Dear Tiny Tim,

    SCHIP costs money that should be going to tax cuts for the rich. Get a job and buy private insurance. Until then, don’t get sick, and if you do, die quickly.

                      Tough shit, Sen. John McCain

    U.S. Sen. John McCain may finally get his health-care wish, which is less care for fewer of Arizona’s children.

    The Arizona legislature voted to permanently end the state’s participation in the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), 13 years after McCain voted against it and 3 years after leading the charge against reauthorizing the popular bi-partisan program.

    McCain’s home state of Arizona is now the first and only state to ever opt out of SCHIP.

For Immediate Release

Rodney Glassman U.S. Senate

Exploratory Committee

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    Yes, if Arizona goes through with this paln to opt out of SCHIP, Arizona children will be entering a world of pain. An expensive, privatized, murder by psreadsheet industry endorsed world of pain.

    It turns out being a Compassionate Conservative still means what it did when unindicted war criminal George W. Bush ran on that slogan in 2000. Translated loosely, Compassionate Conservative means I feel your pain, but not enough to care or do anything about it.

Some 42,000 kids are now on SCHIP in Arizona but will lose their health care, along with another 376,000 Arizonans, on Jan 1. 2011 , if the governor signs the bill. Those people will, in turn, show up in emergency rooms, drive up costs for the insured and further drive more people off health insurance.

Additionally, this bill would kill tens of thousands of health care jobs, if the governor signs it.

For Immediate Release

Rodney Glassman U.S. Senate

Exploratory Committee

    It’s funny how Conservatives and Mavericks alike want to end entitlements for working class people and their children because they eat into fat cat tax cuts for the rich but never mention how entitled the wealthy are. Hell, they stole earned that money fair and square!

    In between his busy days spent cozying up to K street lobbyists, yelling at clouds and kicking sick, non wealthy children, John McCain faces a primary challenge from the right in the form of Abramoff pupil Teabagger Hayworth Teabaggington and a real life, earth dwelling, reality aware Democratic challenger, Rodney Glassman. I would call this a case of McCain being caught between a rock and a hard place, except that won’t do because the rock is McCain’s head and the hard place is what used to be McCain’s heart.

    I really, really want Rodney Glassman to raise hell in Arizona against whoever emerges from the upcoming GOP Senate primary. Press releases like this one shows that Glassman knows how to land some punches, and if he can make the case that both McSame and Bizzaro Bullworth are going to hurt that average Arizona voter more than they will help them, he will have a real chance at winning in 2010. But it only works if Glassman gets the support he needs while in the exploratory stage of his early campaign, so send Rodney Glassman some love at

    PeanutButterPAC keeps growing and growing. We hope to support Rodney Glassman once he officially enters the AZ-Senatorial race. If you really want to kick Grampa Simpson/McCain and his type in the voting booth, sign up today with PeanutButterPAC and help us FIGHT BACK!

    As for McSame, this is just one more moment where the John McCain of 2010 totally disagrees with the John McCain of a few years ago. Country first? Hell, McCain can’t even put the best interests of sick kids in his own state first over the greed and heartlessness of special interests.

    We beat John McCain once, wouldn’t you like to do it one more, last time, for old times sake?

    Now that is MORE OF THE SAME I can believe in!

    Because John McCain wants to send Arizona children to a world of pain, and should his plan work children in Arizona will react just like this.

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    Let’s do something about it.

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  1. because good news for McCain comes at the expense of sick Arizona children.

    Why does John McCain hate sick arizona children?

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