For Pure Artistry The Bank of Sark Made Goldman-Sachs Look Like Amateurs

It was said giving Will Smith a credit card was like giving a terrorist an atom bomb.

Will Smith was the head pirate of the Poison Pen Gang.  If they had been less colorful and had the appropriate connections, one can only imagine the hurt they could have done.

The Gang is best remembered for the Bank of Sark, a post office box on the island of Sark in the English Channel.  Their comical escapades with checks written on an imaginary are the stuff of legend but the best was yet to come.

When the Poison Pen Gang was rounded up and jailed, a whole new swindle was started that was run through the sheriff’s office without his knowledge.  While mobs were screaming  outside the bewildered sheriff’s office demanding their money bank, Will Smith was on a work release program way, far away in a luxurious Florida condominium with a constant stream of well-upholstered secretaries according to a doorman at the joint.

They just don’t make financial scandals like they used to.

The grey-suited stiffs at Goldman-Sachs tale the economy of the entire planet down and offer little entertainment in return.

What a bunch of jerks.

Best,  Terry

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