Fire and Ice

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Some say the world will end in default

Some say by printing.

From what I’ve heard about the vaults

I hold with those who say default.

But if I could go broke minting

I know enough of fear

To say that for destruction printing

Is always near

And equally unstinting.

And here’s lovely little haiku for the 29th bank failure this year:

Start Spread’n the news

Park Avenue’s failed today

Old Blue Eyes would weep…

by Soylent Green is People

15 banks a month puts us on track for about 180 failures this year.  Relative to other indications, that would be cheery news.

The only thing I know for certain is that the US o’ A cannot be stopped, and will continue firing on all eight cylinders of crazy arrogance, then all seven deadly cylinders of sin, six cylinders of stupid, five cylinders of fear, four cylinders of loathing, three cylinders of stress, two cylinders of pain, and one cylinder of panic, before we finally seize up.  

I’m sure you will hear all about such important bullshit on the newz:

Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere

Finally, does anyone suck more than Democrats?  Heavenly parental units!  I guess they still lag Republicans by a razor-thin margin, but it’s just a guess.


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  1. “cogently” in politics.  And it’s more fun.  The ruling elite have shut themselves off in sound-attenuating chambers.

  2. … because they have to spin this sh*t and they can’t, at this point.

    “Coming up on Sunday”

    In honor of Women’s History Month, —– —– will explain what’s wrong with Women’s History Month.  Now that the House, with a woman Speaker, and Senate, with a few woman Senators, are taking it upon themselves to make abortion illegal all by themselves.

    —- — — ——- will take you on a tour of a nuclear facility, after voters wanted alternative energy such as solar, wind, and biofuels

    — —– — will argue for passing this POS bill which leaves out 40 million from coverage, because it’s the right thing to do

    ————  will talk about getting another ignored, used, and abused minority broadband, after the telecoms got immunity for spying on us without warrants, and get paid by private contractors to spy on us because the Patriot Act was renewed, so that people living on $5000 a year can be just as disappointed as us on dial up

    —— ——, who apparently has lost his mind, will extol the virtues of pragmatism aka pragmatic pragmatism aka being too young to remember when we were more like a democracy instead of an effing 3rd world country.


    meanwhile the HuffPo thread on Pelosi reminding us she dropped the P/O months ago and now is cooperating with the Senate whipping against it, has over 13,000 comments.

    This upcoming election, if there is not massive electoral fraud, which is the next thing I would expect these criminals in training, wanna bees to do, is going to be a blowout.

  3. George Washington has a blog on the above subject. He presents arguments that inflation won’t get us out of our dilemma. We need to default, but the banksters would be hurt by that and they own the government. So policy is: “Hide it!”, “Deny it! Allswell.”, all the while fobbing the toxic debt off onto the public. His quotes from Michael Hudson are excellent if frightening.

    I especially like his conclusions:

    But why raise taxes and cut essential services when we can stop unnecessary wars and unnecessary interest costs instead?

    As I recently pointed out:

       Why aren’t our government “leaders” talking about slashing the military-industrial complex, which is ruining our economy with unnecessary imperial adventures?

       And why aren’t any of our leaders talking about stopping the permanent bailouts for the financial giants who got us into this mess? And see this.

       And why aren’t they taking away the power to create credit from the private banking giants – which is costing our economy trillions of dollars (and is leading to a decrease in loans to the little guy) – and give it back to the states?

       If we did these things, we wouldn’t have to raise taxes or cut core services to the American people.

    Stopping all wars which are not absolutely essential for the protection of the United States from massive and imminent attack is crucial.

    And abolishing the central bank (or putting it within the Treasury department) and taking over the money and credit creation functions from the private banks may be an important part of the solution to our debt trap.

    While massive wealth and income tax increases on the top 1% are certainly in order, even that would not deal with the bad debt. And cutting essential services will only propel the economy more quickly into a debt-deflation spiral as described by Irving Fisher.  

  4. They come and go. Usually natural circumstances put an end to their glory days. For man, it appears that the great “knower” may not be all that knowing after all.

    Paying the thieves to protect the bank is not a great investment. Perhaps we’ll have to pronounce that what their guarding is nothing more than dust, and there has been a big evolutionary mistake.  

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