Enough with the “War On Iran” Already!

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I previously wrote about a report that America was shipping classified ordnance to Diego Garcia in preparation for a likely attack against Iran.  In my view and experience this report, at best, is questionable, and is, in my opinion, total psy-op garbage.  The reasons are simple; a) A shipment of extremely classified ordnance is going to be handed over to a 3rd-party contractor?, b) A shipping manifest is going to be posted online so everyone can see that classified ordnance is being shipped to Diego Garcia?, c) The company named in the report hasn’t posted any projects on their website since 2006, nor, does it post this alleged project?, and d) There is no doubt in my mind that Diego Garcia already has all of the ordnance it would need to perform operations.  

This very simple reasoning, however, hasn’t stopped the story from being picked up by other news outlets.  TruthOut.org has now run two articles/op-eds that cite this very report (here and here).  We have only heard that the United States or Israel were going to attack Iran for years.

Here is why there is little reason to believe there is an upcoming attack on Iran…

As Daan De Wit notes in the aforementioned article, the goal of the United States is regime change in Iran.  To this end, as noted, various methods are being employed, yet, not ONE of those methods has been direct assault.  The reason for that is very easy to understand; the United States is still mired in Iraq, a country that we invaded and have occupied to effect regime change based on “evidence” that was proven later to be false.  There is simply no valid reason to believe that the United States would strike Iran militarily after the total debacle of the Iraq invasion.  In addition, we already know the reason that the United States wants regime change in Iran and invaded Iraq to effect regime change; to get in place governments friendly to the United States so that the vast amounts of oil reserves become un-nationalized and open for private company bidding.  

Iran very well may be trying to get nuclear weapon capability after the United States` invasion of Iraq based on false pretenses.  It is a valid concern.  But, to believe that Iranian’s would subject themselves to a second regime installed by the United States after the Iranian Revolution of 1979 is foolhardy.  Any such attempt to do so using military force will simply reinforce the current Iranian governments position that America is an imperialist empire expanding through military action.  Iran has the capability now to strike at targets in Iraq, and, surely would in the event of a United States or Israeli attack.  

Would this stop Israel from initiating the attack, then running to the United States for support?  Probably not.  Israel is known for taking unilateral action far beyond what is reasonable.  Even though Israel just acquired the capability to strike Iran with the UAV drone, they would still have to fly through Jordanian, Syrian and Iraqi airspace to do it.  You can be sure that such a violation of airspace would rightfully be seen as an act of war against the Islamic people in many Arabic countries.  This would put the U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan in even more danger of attack, would surely be the catalyst for insurgent strength increases, and, is likely the reason that Israel has not already been given the “green light” by the U.S. government.  It is surely U.S. diplomatic pressure keeping Israel from initiating such a strike.

After the Iraq debacle, there is little support for such an action by the international community.  The United States has painted itself into a corner over the past years to the point that direct military action is simply not viable.



  1. that and we LOSE!

    Anyone who doesn’t think every inch of the Straights of Hormuz are mined is living in a fool’s paradise.

    Lesser known (because we are the BESTEST military in the world) is that our anti mine capability is crap without our NATO allies who were farmed this less than glamourous capability all through the Cold War.

    They are equally under fire from anti ship missiles (both mobile and bunkered).

    Game over dudes (or as Admiral Akbar says- It’s a trap!).

    Good luck with the Ground Pounders, they are already fully occupied and will be so for the forseeable future.

    Or maybe you think we’re going to nuke Abu Dhabi and Quatar?

    Did I mention we lose?

  2. We seem to be doing plenty without resorting that.

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